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How This Amazing Delphi App Helps Save 300 Million Lives A Year

Today’s article is from Delphi developer Fabrice Deprez. Fabrice works as a Software Architect at Dedalus Belgium. Fabrice tells us today how the clarity and stability of the Delphi language and runtime libraries powers his cross platform development in one of those places even angels fear to tread – the intricate management of patient anesthesia where mistakes can literally cost…
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How This Motorcycle Hazard Reporting Monitoring Tool Was Made

Today’s article is from Delphi developer Alessandro Negri. Alessandro talks us through his company’s development of a potentially life-saving reporting tool which links to a system that helps visualize hazards for motorcyclists. Alessandro describes what made them decide to step away from other programming solutions and choose Delphi for the project. He also explains why the success of…
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How To Make MySQL Your SQL

Today (December 20th 2022) and tomorrow you can join us for Embarcadero’s two day Enterprise CodeRage event which focusses, as you might expect, on enterprise development topics using your favorite IDE software. I am presenting two sessions – this blog post describes the first session: How To Make MySQL Your SQL. The second session is tomorrow (December 21st 2022) and there is a…
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Secrets of Visual Design on Windows 11

Using truly great IDE software really empowers software developers. RAD Studio is so much more than just Delphi – which I think is the easiest professional modern programming language you can pick – it also brings along a whole bunch of great things not the least…

How To Add The Wow Factor To Your Apps

It’s a lot of fun being an Embarcadero Delphi MVP. On behalf of Embarcadero, I get to demonstrate the benefits of what I think is the best application builder software you can choose to use. But I also get invited to speak at other conferences, webinars and events by a…
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How To Develop For The New iPhone Even If You Don't Have One

Apple has this wonderful way of producing launch videos announcing new products which are immediately the most desirable, in-demand, must-have, tech. As a developer producing cross-platform apps it can be difficult to keep up and even harder to get hold of the device. But did you know RAD Studio can enable you to develop for the new iPhone even if you don’t have one? How to develop cross…
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