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The Fundamental Secrets Of Good UI Design – Webinar Replay

The Fundamental Secrets Of Good UI Design Webinar Replay

Our recent series of webinars continued this past week with a look at how ridiculously fast and easy it is to create cross-platform apps with RAD Studio. You can very quickly design apps with RAD Studio which are powerful, modern, with rock-solid reliability – Delphi apps, for example, are notorious for just working with absolutely no dependencies and will happily continue operating even though the whole operating system (such as Windows 10 to Windows 11) has been upgraded. There is almost no other software development system out there which can truthfully claim or match this kind of dependability.

This reliability is one of the reasons you will find RAD Studio being used in places such as NASA, nuclear power stations, aircraft safety equipment, huge banking organizations, government embassies, and yes, of course, many thousands of regular, ordinary, unsung heroes of software such as mobile health-care apps, a gearing app for speedy race cart drivers, pharmacy point of sale, and medical robot controllers. The apps and programs get on with the job without faulting, with no fuss, no mass upgrades of host machines required, no complicated setups.

Does good UI design mean starting everything again?

Embarcadero also goes to extraordinary lengths to make sure that code written with an older version of Delphi will still work completely fine with the absolutely latest version of RAD Studio. This backward compatibility, as it’s called, is something you will not find in almost any other programming language available. Yet these ‘backwardly compatible’ programs will also get an injection of new life thanks to RAD Studio combined with the VCL and Firemonkey FMX runtimes which we constantly work on to embrace the latest ‘look and feel’ and trends in user interface design. The longevity of Delphi, C++ Builder and RAD Studio is an asset we take very seriously while we keep up a constant push for ensuring we incorporate modern concepts, coding techniques and constructs, and the very latest ideas in software design and engineering.

As the operating systems evolve, they embrace new ideas in user interfaces. The trend of late has been flatter, simpler, more pastel. The latest RAD Studio versions allow you to implement these ideas easily in your own user interface design, both through improvements in the VCL and Firemonkey FMX library support but also via runtime enhancements and other great tools such as new professionally designed themes or styles that can breathe a whole new life into your older user interface with just a few clicks.

What was the The Fundamental Secrets Of Good UI Design webinar about?

Coding the functionality of your app is just one part of the overall software development process. It’s also important that your app looks professional, acts appropriately (for user ‘muscle memory’ so a double tap or click does what the user expects), and is laid out in a way that achieves the objectives of the task for which it was designed. The look of your apps is referred to the user interface, the UI; and the way that user interface functions and how it coerces, encourages, or hinders user behavior is known as the user experience or UX. The Fundamental Secrets Of Good UI Design webinar took a look at some broad resources for good design, some places to see what is considered bad design, along with some basic tips on things like anchors and alignment of controls in your own apps.

Where can I find the replay for The Fundamental Secrets Of Good UI Design webinar?

Here is the replay for The Fundamental Secrets Of Good UI Design webinar.

Where can I find the slides for The Fundamental Secrets Of Good UI Design webinar?

Here are the slides for the replay for The Fundamental Secrets Of Good UI Design webinar.

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