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Enterprise Software Development Article Challenge - Results

There were a lot of great entries for our Enterprise Software Development Article Challenge showing the use of Delphi, C++Builder, InterBase and RAD Server in many different enterprise use cases. List of entries: Winner! How This Motorcycle Hazard Reporting Monitoring Tool Was Made 2nd Place How To Win When You Have 34 Milliseconds To Beat Snoops And Spies My Successful Journey In Building…
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This Is How SCULi Silently Oversees Liebherr's Sumptuous Construction Machines

Today’s enterprise article focuses on a long-running Windows development large-scale project brought to us by Didier Cabalé. Didier describes “SCULi” which forms the backbone of diagnosing maintenance issues for Liebherr’s extensive range of products used in the construction, maritime, and mining industries. SCULi is entirely written in Delphi and began life 17 years ago…
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How Delphi Is The Powerful Core Of Tracking Your Apple

Another great post today in our Enterprise Article competition from Alberto Fornés. Alberto tells us the story of how the power of RAD Studio with Delphi app builder software is enabling the tracking of your apple from the farm to your home. No, not THAT Apple. 🤪 In fact Alberto would like to emphasize that the produce tracked in this juicy story is most often cases of oranges. How did you…
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World's Best Fruit Fly Research Engine Is Built With Delphi

They may be tiny, but fruit flies are actually hugely popular to researchers trying to unfurl the secrets of life itself. In this Enterprise Article entry Delphi developer David Schwartz discusses why he believes Delphi is very definitely the best choice of low code application platform and how he has leveraged his Delphi programming skills to branch out and create extremely powerful web apps…
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