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[Yukon Beta Blog] C++ and Visual Assist in RAD Studio 12.0

This blog post is based on a pre-release version of the RAD Studio software and it has been written with specific permission by Embarcadero. No feature is committed until the product GA release. RAD Studio 12 is just around the corner, with our release webinar this Thursday! Back in August, we gave a preview webinar of what is being worked on internally for C++, covering a preview of the…
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This Excellent Cross-Platform Delphi App Has 6500+ Mobile App Store Downloads

During webinars I like to demonstrate how powerful RAD Studio with Delphi is for creating cross platform apps and how absolutely easy it is to do. I often make the point that I don’t want to work too hard which is why I like RAD Studio with Delphi – it does all the hard work for me and makes me look great! I get up every day and write code – and I write that code in the Delphi…
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The Story Of Too Much Code And An Imaginary Friend

We’ve had quite a diverse array of submissions for our Enterprise App Article Challenge. Most have helped demonstrate the strengths of RAD Studio with Delphi as a highly efficient low code programming language. Several have featured component sets and technologies like FireDAC, and RAD Server has been mentioned in more than a few. I have to say, though, this is the first article submission…
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How I Risked My Professional Career And Won

A heart-warming article today from Delphi developer Matthew Kenneth Bieschke. Matt takes us through his early days working hard at a job which he enjoyed but felt ultimately unfulfilling. He describes how he quite literally stumbled upon Delphi as he was stacking the software sales shelves of a retail store. It was the beginning of a love affair with our favorite ide software which is still going…
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