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This Excellent Cross-Platform Delphi App Has 6500+ Mobile App Store Downloads

During webinars I like to demonstrate how powerful RAD Studio with Delphi is for creating cross platform apps and how absolutely easy it is to do. I often make the point that I don’t want to work too hard which is why I like RAD Studio with Delphi – it does all the hard work for me and makes me look great! I get up every day and write code – and I write that code in the Delphi…
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How Delphi Helped Us Stay Out Of Jail

One of the frequent enterprise software uses I’ve heard of for RAD Studio with Delphi is in the banking or financial industries. It seems like these markets focus on Windows app development and the more you look the more you find Delphi is whizzing away behind the scenes. Delphi’s powerful data handling and rock-solid reliability and robustness means it enjoys a very positive…
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This Is How Delphi Helps Document Your Terrible Toothbrushing!

We’ve had some remarkable entries for our Enterprise Article competition. It never ceases to amaze me how many different industries and places in our lives that RAD Studio with Delphi and C++ Builder are just quietly doing magnificent things. Today’s enterprise article from Anouar Hamza Cherif is about his experience with cross platform development to create a multiplatform app for…
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