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How to View Digits of Pi in Real-Time with Delphi for Pi Day 2024

Here’s a guest blog post by Jim McKeeth, Embarcadero MVP and US Director of GDK Software. To celebrate the recent π day 2024 with a Delphi flavor I revisited the previous sample I made with Rudy’s Big Numbers library adding the functionality to view the digits of π in real time as they are being generated. Previously it would generate any number of digits you wanted, but you could only…
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Getting Big with Pi in Delphi

When I was very young and first learned about Pi they told me 3.14 was a good approximation, but it was an irrational number that went on forever, and people with computers were able to calculate many digits. I had a computer (Commodore Vic 20) and wanted to see how many digits of Pi I could calculate. This is when I discovered floating point number precision limitations, which foiled my first…
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Calculating Pi in Delphi for Pi Day 2023

Update: I revisited the calculation of Pi with even more digits. In the United States today, March 14th is  π day (3rd month, 14th day, or 3/14). Traditions involve eating pie, the pastry, and calculating Pi, the irrational mathematical constant. Animation of the…

Streamlining RAD Studio Upgrades with GetIt

This guide covers streamlining GetIt packages during and upgrade and installation for a smoother upgrade experience. When upgrading between major versions, the Settings Migration Tool simplifies keeping your settings. It is also great for migrating a subset of your…
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Official Docker Containers Updated for 11.2

The official PAServer, RAD Server, and InterBase Docker images are all updated to work with 11.2. The 10.x images used Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS (Bionic Beaver) while the updated 11.3 images use Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish). You can find the images on Docker Hub, or the individual Dockerfiles and build instructions are on GitHub. Documentation Some basic introductory documentation. Check…
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Delphi Digital Fan Art and AI Art Contest

Are you a developer or creative looking for an exciting new challenge that will not only push the boundaries of technology but also possibly win you up to $500 in prizes? If so, the Delphi Digital Fan Art and AI Art Contest is precisely what you’re looking…

Setting up Ubuntu 22.04 for Delphi 11.2 Debugging

I created a Bash script a while back for setting up Ubuntu for Delphi development, and update it for each new release. The script automatically installs all the required packages, along with PAServer. I recently updated it again due to an LLDB debugging issue.

Building Microservices with Boss and Horse

Here are the slides, links, and additional resources from Building Microservices with Boss and Horse. This session was a collaboration with Vinicius Sanchez of Hashload. Hashload is an open-source community on GitHub founded by Brazilian developers that works with many programming languages (Delphi, Python, Go…); Hashload Projects Boss: Dependency Manager for Delphi applications Horse…
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