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How to View Digits of Pi in Real-Time with Delphi for Pi Day 2024

Here’s a guest blog post by Jim McKeeth, Embarcadero MVP and US Director of GDK Software. To celebrate the recent π day 2024 with a Delphi flavor I revisited the previous sample I made with Rudy’s Big Numbers library adding the functionality to view the digits of π in real time as they are being generated. Previously it would generate any number of digits you wanted, but you could only…
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Unlocking the Power of SDXL Inpainting: The Future of Image Editing?

Have you ever thought about changing a portion of a photo but didn’t have the drawing skills to make it look natural? Or perhaps you’ve just wished that tech-savvy fairy godmother would pop out and do the magic for you! Welcome to the world of SDXL Inpainting in Windows development, where image editing meets the sophistication of artificial intelligence. In this post we will talk about…
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Getting Big with Pi in Delphi

When I was very young and first learned about Pi they told me 3.14 was a good approximation, but it was an irrational number that went on forever, and people with computers were able to calculate many digits. I had a computer (Commodore Vic 20) and wanted to see how many…

How To Make MySQL Your SQL

Today (December 20th 2022) and tomorrow you can join us for Embarcadero’s two day Enterprise CodeRage event which focusses, as you might expect, on enterprise development topics using your favorite IDE software. I am presenting two sessions – this blog post describes the first session: How To Make MySQL Your SQL. The second session is tomorrow (December 21st 2022) and there is a…
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Top 10 Webinars: C++ And C++Builder

IF C++ and C++Builder are part of your development repertoire (and even if they aren’t), we invite you to enjoy our top 10 webinars around both, plus a bonus video with a rather influential figure in the history of C++ (scroll to the bottom to find out who it…

Top 10 How To's: Mobile App Development

How important is mobile to your development plan? Very important probably. Here are 10 great blog posts (plus a bonus) one showing you how to do amazing things on mobile (and on desktop too). 1. Easily Deploy Powerful AI Vision Tools On Windows And Mobile Google Cloud’s AI Vision API offers powerful pre-trained machine learning models that you can easily use on your…
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