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The Long and Winding Road To Today's Delphi - Happy 29th Birthday !

The Long and Winding Road To Delphi’s 29th Birthday This blog post contains a quick look at 29+ years of development, innovation, community and fun with Delphi. It Started with Pascal In order to get to today’s 29th year of Delphi, we have to start back in 1970 with the creation of the Pascal programming language by Niklaus Wirth (1984 ACM Turing Award Laureate) and his team at…
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The Idera Inc. Family of Brands 1/3 - Data Tools

As a RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder and InterBase user you’re likely aware that Embarcadero, the company that brings you these tools, is a subsidiary of the Idera Corporation. You’re less likely to be aware, however, that the Idera Corporation also owns a number of other…
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How to Deploy RAD Server And InterBase on The Same Linux Machine

If you want to deploy RAD Server on a Linux environment (on-premise or cloud-based) it is mandatory to deploy an instance of InterBase as well because it is the database used by RAD Server to store all its internal data. This is quite straightforward in most cases, and you can even do it using Docker if you want, but what if you need to deploy RAD Server and your own InterBase instance on just…
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How To Make MySQL Your SQL

Today (December 20th 2022) and tomorrow you can join us for Embarcadero’s two day Enterprise CodeRage event which focusses, as you might expect, on enterprise development topics using your favorite IDE software. I am presenting two sessions – this blog post…
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What Makes Enterprise Software Development Unique?

Developing enterprise software can be both a challenging and rewarding process. It’s estimated that companies managing applications for over ten thousand users spend about twelve to eighteen months in development cycles alone, meaning it requires comprehensive planning, testing, and implementation.  However, the end result of developing this type of complex software can provide an…
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Advanced Programming - A Complete Guide To Programming In C++

A Complete Guide To Advanced Programming In C++ This article is part of a series which teaches you the basics of how to write C++ software. C and C++ both make use of pointers. Often, new C++ programmers can struggle with both the concept and correct use of pointers. In this post we will explain what pointers are along with a discussion of linked lists which are a very common data structure…
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