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Easily Use Nonstandard Data Using X-DBData for Delphi

X-DBData is a VCL and FMX nonvisual component package that helps users bridge between Delphi’s data-aware and non-data-aware components. There are two paradigms within the Delphi IDE. FeatureNon-Data-Aware Edit ComponentsData-Aware Edit ComponentsData ManipulationManual – using .Text, .Caption, .Value propertiesAutomatic field-linking via Field and DataSource propertiesData…
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High-Performance Visual And Non-visual Custom DataBase Grid Components Are Great For Windows Apps

Thousands of Delphi and C++ Builder developers loveEhlibcomponents. BecauseEhlibcontains productive components and classes which are very helpful to make great client part of the database applications with Delphi and C++ Builder. The most complex component is TDBGridEh which offers all functionality of TDBGrid component and adds dozens of new features, for…
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Quickly Build A Drawer With The TMultiView Component For Android And iOS Apps Using FireMonkey In Delphi

The MultiViewDemo sample shows how to create an application that implements the “master-detail” interface and explains how to use the master panel presentation modes. This sample allows you to change the master panel characteristics, such as mode, placement, sliding mode, shadow properties, etc. It also helps you understand how to implement your master panel in the Custom…
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Importing and exporting data with IBConsole

There are several options available for migrating or importing data with InterBase databases. No matter if you are migrating and need to import data into your new database or exporting your data to use in third party systems. One of those options is IBConsole. IBConsole provides you with an easy to use format for both exporting and importing data into your IB databases. For this example, we will…
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