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Why Join The InterBase VAR Program in 2024

interbase var 2024

InterBase is Embarcadero’s signature award-winning database, designed to integrate seamlessly through multiple editions with RAD Studio for multi-platform, multi-device applications.

InterBase system

Multiple Editions

InterBase comes in multiple editions: The Developer Edition is free to download, as is IBLite as a single-user embeddable database. IBToGo is the AES encrypted version with a maximum of eight connections per user instead of 1 for IBLite, and unlimited transactions per connection.

The IBToGo Subscription Edition is a practical and accessible edition for developers looking for a fully deployable edition. InterBase Desktop, designed for deployment on devices running Windows, brings tablespaces support among other features. 

IBToGo Subscription








InterBase Server adds journaling and point-in-time recovery to the product, as well as remote secure communication via SSL.

For more detailed feature list for InterBase editions, visit this page

InterBase editions can be combined in any number of configurations depending on the type, scope, and use patterns of enterprise-level applications and games for any platform or device.

The Anywhere and Everywhere Database…

InterBase is particularly valuable as a deploy-and-forget database because of the following reasons:

1) Exceptionally high reliability and disaster recovery makes it especially suited for harsh environments, from underwater engineering works to oil rigs to aviation and deep space exploration. 

In fact, any use case involving secure offline data gathering in embedded databases for subsequent syncing with a central server (think medical devices) is something InterBase was conceived for.

Modern-day enterprises are another type of contemporary harsh environment due to security concerns. InterBase is also very comfortably deployed in enterprise-grade applications that need secure, encrypted connectivity across multiple platforms and device types.

2) It’s extremely cost-efficient to deploy and use. InterBase reduces admin requirements to near-zero, and has a very low total cost of ownership compared to competing solutions.

Award-winning low-maintenance subscription-based change tracking, advanced security features like role-based access control and low footprint make InterBase a high-value addition for your apps.  

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IBToGo in RAD Studio Enterprise and Architect

The Enterprise and Architect editions of RAD Studio come with the IBToGo Mobile Deployment edition of InterBase. When you buy Enterprise or Architect, you already have a large part of your data storage needs already solved.

Successive RAD Studio releases put more and more advanced features into the hands of customers (RAD Studio 12.1 was released in April), joining the InterBase VAR Program in 2024 can add even more value to your investments in development tools.

The VAR (Value Added Reseller) Concept  

If you want the end users of your applications to download your mobile apps with InterBase embedded as a silent install, you’re in a good position to benefit from Embarcadero’s VAR (Value Added Reseller) Program to cut costs and get dedicated support as a Value-Added Reseller.

Here are the core reasons why you may want to apply for the Embarcadero VAR Program for the license to redistribute InterBase:

1) No registration and licensing headaches: VARs receive a .SLIP file to deploy with their application. When copied to the InterBase install directory it inhibits the need to register the InterBase server. VARs also receive a collection of user licenses they need for their applications.

Because VARs can deploy slip files, they can also build configurable silent installs. The InterBase multi-instance option virtually guarantees no other application will use your installation.

2) Version control: As a reseller with the right to distribute, you’ll avoid the challenges associated with having to update the versions of InterBase you’re certified to put in the hands of end users. 

3) Volume discounts: Depending on the number of instances of InterBase you’re using you may also be eligible for volume discounts, negotiable with your Embarcadero sales rep.

Detailed information is also available in the “Getting Started as an InterBase VAR” video:

New to InterBase?

If you are new to InterBase then it may be worth going through the InterBase VAR License Portal Quick Start to find out more about getting started with InterBase. The Portal includes detailed instructions for embedding InterBase into your application deployments and installers.

Customers interested in becoming an InterBase VAR need to contact Embarcadero sales.

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