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Gorgeous New Premium App Styles For RAD Studio 12 - Free With Your Subscription

For those of you who have an active subscription for RAD Studio 12 we have a great set of top-quality app styles to make your VCL Windows and Firemonkey FMX cross-platform apps look extra-slick and professional. They’re available directly from within the RAD Studio 12 IDE – just go into the GetIt Package Manager and search for “impressive” which is the name of the…
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Unlocking the Power of SDXL Inpainting: The Future of Image Editing?

Have you ever thought about changing a portion of a photo but didn’t have the drawing skills to make it look natural? Or perhaps you’ve just wished that tech-savvy fairy godmother would pop out and do the magic for you! Welcome to the world of SDXL Inpainting in Windows development, where image editing meets the sophistication of artificial intelligence. In this post we will talk about…
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Coding Bootcamp 2023

Greetings, intrepid coders and digital enthusiasts! The digital realm constantly shifts, and with it comes the need for cutting-edge skills. This year, Embarcadero proudly presents our Coding Bootcamp 2023, an initiative meticulously crafted to bring forth the zenith of tech education, all wrapped up in an insightful and dynamic experience. Are you ready to dive into the Ocean of…
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How to use Dreambooth from Delphi?

If you’re a developer, chances are you’ve heard of Dreambooth. But what is it, and how can you use it to your advantage? Dreambooth is a model that allows you to fine tune an existing generative AI model like Stable Diffusion so that it can be used to generate custom artwork around the subject in the images that you fine tune the model with. Put another way it allows you to train the…
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