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A Tuesday Book Club! Webinar Replay

A Tuesday Book Club Webinar Replay

If you are just starting out learning to develop apps then choosing RAD Studio with Delphi is a pretty smart move. I know, I would say that wouldn’t I? But I really believe it. There are many thousands of examples, code repositories, and free components waiting for you to look at and reuse. That’s not all though, the longevity and popularity of Delphi as a platform for creating all sorts of cross platform and Windows apps means there are also a HUGE library of books available to teach you everything from the fundamentals of Delphi, C++, and RAD Studio, up to more narrower subjects such as a book entirely about FireDAC, or how to code faster and better in Delphi. Whatever you’re looking for, whatever your particular programming task or problem you wish to address, there’s very likely at least one book and several samples which show you how to do it with RAD Studio and Delphi.

Where is the best place to find books on how to learn Delphi?

wwwdelphi bookscom

Easily the best place is the excellent Delphi-Books.com maintained by our 2024 Spirit of Delphi award winner, Patrick Premartin.

Patrick also regularly streams live coding using Delphi on Twitch too. Patrick has just revamped the Delphi Books website too – it looks awesome!

Where can I find the replay of the Tuesday Book Club webinar?

Here it is.

Where can I find the slides for the Tuesday Book Club webinar?

Here they are.

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