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Let Stack Overflow Know You Use RAD Studio With Delphi

Hello fellow developers. The hugely important Stack Overflow site is currently running their annual survey of developer tools. Delphi is listed among the choices. It would be really helpful if you could visit the survey and let Stack Overflow know that you’re a RAD Studio with Delphi user. Whether you use one of the paid editions or the recently announced version 11 Community Edition it all…
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Getting Big with Pi in Delphi

When I was very young and first learned about Pi they told me 3.14 was a good approximation, but it was an irrational number that went on forever, and people with computers were able to calculate many digits. I had a computer (Commodore Vic 20) and wanted to see how many digits of Pi I could calculate. This is when I discovered floating point number precision limitations, which foiled my first…
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Calculating Pi in Delphi for Pi Day 2023

Update: I revisited the calculation of Pi with even more digits. In the United States today, March 14th is  π day (3rd month, 14th day, or 3/14). Traditions involve eating pie, the pastry, and calculating Pi, the irrational mathematical constant. Animation of the act of unrolling a circle’s circumference, illustrating the ratioπ. Edited by John Reid [CC BY-SA 3.0] via…
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Why Update Subscription Matters, And Why March is a Great Time to Renew Your Licenses!

RAD Studio gets better and better with every release. With a big developer team adding new capabilities, fixing bugs and addressing literally hundreds of customer requests daily, each version update of RAD Studio represents a leap forward not just for the IDE and toolset, but for your business as well. Assuming, of course, you’re on update subscription. A Landmark Release RAD Studio 11…
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