Delphi 10.4.2 Compiler Speed Improvements

Delphi 10.4.2 Sydney is out, and it is full of new features, fixes, and general quality improvements. I really do believe it is the perfect mix of polish and new features, and everyone I’ve talked to seems to agree. One of the stand-out features is the Delphi compiler speed improvements. There are mostly visible in the Win32 compiler and are partially the result of the details provided by…
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Edit Custom Style to change the background color of a FMX TEdit

A Delphi developer asked how do you change the background color of a FMX (FireMonkey) TEdit ? As many know, for a VCL TEdit, you could just set the color property of the TEdit, like this: Edit1.Color := clYellow; Then at Run-Time, after calling Edit1.Color := clYellow, the Edit1 looks like this: But, a FMX TEdit does not have a Color property, so how do you do the same for a FMX TEdit? There are…
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What are the best options for mobile app development?

Mobile app development can be categorized into the creation of 3 main types of applications. Native apps, web-based mobile apps, and hybrid apps. What are the differences between native, hybrid, and web applications? The simplest way to describe the difference between native, hybrid, and web apps is: Native apps are compiled binaries that run on the device. They are the fastest and most secure of…
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Powerful Torque Tool Controller Is Developed In Delphi

The Torque Tool Controller project catches the results of tightening from a tool controller for future analysis and it is developed in Delphi. According to the developer, “This is my prototype to verify torque / angle traceability connected with tool controller. I have been working with this project with Delphi 7.” The application appears to be running on some specialized equipment and…
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