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This Is How I Ditched Visual C++ For Delphi And Got A Mind-Blowing 60x Speed Boost

Rick Kamenos writes for us today about how he took an enterprise app written in Visual Studio with C++ and rewrote it using our favorite IDE software RAD Studio with Delphi and went from an app which took hours to only a few minutes. It’s quite a compelling endorsement of Delphi considering C++ is often touted as the fastest programming language around! Table of Contents What was the…
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How To Win When You Have 34 Milliseconds To Beat Snoops And Spies

Today’s Enterprise Article competition entry is from Georgi T. Gerasimov from Gatelink Ltd in Bulgaria. Georgi sent us a remarkably detailed paper where he describes the challenges of being asked for Windows app development that would securely protect digital data when one of the constraints was that it had to do the encryption work in under 34 milliseconds. You know it’s going to be a…
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How To Record Exact Operation Execution Time With Delphi

To know how to get the information on the exact execution time of an operation in your Windows and cross platform apps can be useful in all sorts of circumstances. For example, it can be necessary when you need to show users the time spent on the execution of a long operation (by the way, in such a situation, high accuracy is rarely required). Or you may need to know the exact time needed for…
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Delphi Digital Fan Art and AI Art Contest

Are you a developer or creative looking for an exciting new challenge that will not only push the boundaries of technology but also possibly win you up to $500 in prizes? If so, the Delphi Digital Fan Art and AI Art Contest is precisely what you’re looking…
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Why A Data Scientist Chooses Delphi For Powerful Real World Visualizations

This article today is from data scientist and Delphi developer Max Kleiner. Max is the author of the MaXbox which Max’s site describes as “a precompiled object based scripting tool”. Max describes his use of RAD Studio with Delphi to develop Windows software and how he uses JSON objects from HTTP requests to visualize aggregated gas storage inventory data into graphs and…
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