Windows 10 CRM VCL Demo In Delphi And C++Builder

The Windows 10 CRM VCL Demo is available with full source code for Delphi 10.4+ and C++Builder 10.4+. The demo features a number of high DPI styles including Windows 10 Slate Gray and Windows 10 Blue. Additionally, it demonstrates the TTitleBarPanel component, multi-monitor support, and per control styling. It is a full working simple CRM with a board for dragging and dropping records between…
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Rapidly Build A Cross Platform Master Detail Dataset With This Delphi FireDAC.TFDMemTable.MasterDetail Sample

Location You can find theMasterDetailsample project at: Start | Programs | Embarcadero RAD Studio Sydney | Samplesand then navigate to:Object Pascal\Database\FireDAC\Samples\Comp Layer\TFDMemTable\MasterDetailSubversion Repository:You can find Delphi code samples inGitHub Repositories. Search by name into the samples repositories according to your RAD Studio…
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Powerful Core NFC API Library For Delphi FireMonkey On iOS By Winsoft

Introduction NFC Library for iOS uses Core NFC API. This Library is not available for other platforms. 2. Components in the Demo and what they do The Demo contains a tab control with three tab items, named Read NDEF, Write NDEF, Read TAG. Each tab item contains Read or Write button, which in some cases calls the same onClick event and executes the same code. For example…
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Elegant Multi-Device FireMonkey Styles

This video presents building a profile screen for your multi-device application using the FireMonkey framework with both native UI support and custom styling. Highlighted in the video are custom multi-device styles included in Embarcadero’s premium style pack and…
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Easily Customize The Appearance Of The FireMonkey ListView Using The ListViewAddThumbAndCaption Cross Platform Sample App

Viewing your valuable data in a List with ultimate user experience becomes the essential need in Modern Desktop and Mobile Applications. Some of the usecase needs to toggle between the editingmode or viewing the list items with different appearance .e.g Selecting Multiple Contacts to delete from a Contacts List. Delphi/C++ Builder offers robust components to do the Job at Design time or Runtime…
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