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11 Ways to Fully Revamp Your Low Code Application Platform

In business, a low code application platform describes software that allows users to create or customize applications without writing code. Low Code Application Platform is becoming increasingly popular as companies strive to speed up application development and achieve digital transformation. However, simply using low code alone is not enough to guarantee success. This article will show you 11…
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Why Should You Spend More Time Thinking About Cross Platform Development?

In the last few years, cross platform development has taken the front seat. It lets developers write code once and implement it across all platforms.   Native app development requires different code for different platforms. It also requires Android Studio as an IDE and a suitable SDK. However, cross platform development frameworks need a single Codebase. It can compile builds for iOS and…
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How To Detect And Extract Text In Images With Amazon Textract

Text is everywhere! Text is not always where we want it, or in the format we need. We often find ourselves needing the text from images. You might have a scanned document containing financial information like an invoice you want to input into an accounts system, or maybe you are building an archive of photographs that you want to index against any text detected? Whatever your use case, if you need…
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Tkinter vs DelphiFMX in the Embarcadero Open Source Stream

We are starting something new, and I’m pretty excited about it. This is the first in a series of regular live streams discussing the latest in open source projects. Both projects sponsored by Embarcadero and key projects in the community. I will be the the host, and I’ll be joined by members of the community, developers involved in these open source projects, as well as members of…
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