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Delphi’s 29th Anniversary Webinar Replay And Slides

delphi is 29 title copy

Well, that was a lot of fun! We just had an amazing “not your usual webinar” event where we celebrated the anniversary of 29 years since the release of Delphi. We covered all the sorts of things you would expect with a great presentation of the history of Delphi 1 by Marco Geuze of GDK Software as well as a look through some of the less usual things Developer Advocates like myself get up to on our days off, including being zapped by a 20,000 volt Tesla coil, and a sword fight, wearing Delphi helmets between myself and Jim McKeeth (who also now is director of GDK USA). We also had a lively round-table discussion between Marco, Jim, and I along with MVP and author extraordinaire Dr Holger Flick. We also announced the winner of The 2023/2024 Spirit Of Delphi Award. We’ll post about that elsewhere, or you can watch the replay to find out now!

Turbo Pascal 40th Birthday Fun

The very much-loved Turbo Pascal also recently enjoyed its 40th Birthday. The guests and I talked about this ground-breaking release and the impact it had on the world of software development in general. There is also some interest in the community to try and revive the Turbo Vision library and compile it for the modern age, “just because”. More on this another time but here’s my own re-interpretation of the original Turbo Pascal IDE user interface, redone in RAD Studio 12 as a cross-platform FireMonkey app!

FireMonkey cross platform Turbo Pascal user interface demo

Where Can I Find The Delphi’s 29th Anniversary Webinar Replay?

Here is the replay of the Delphi 29th Anniversary Webinar. (Note I reuploaded the video due to GoToWebinar issues – it may still be being processed by YouTube, if so, come back in an hour).

Where Can I Get The Slides For Delphi 29th Anniversary Webinar?

Here the Delphi 29th anniversary webinar slides.

  • slide1 20
  • slide2 17
  • slide3 18
  • slide4 22
  • slide5 17
  • slide6 18
  • slide7 17
  • slide8 17
  • slide9 16
  • slide10 16
  • slide11 15
  • slide12 15
  • slide13 14
  • slide14 14
  • slide15 14
  • slide16 15
  • slide17 15
  • slide18 14
  • slide19 12
  • slide20 11
  • slide21 11
  • slide22 9
  • slide23 8
  • slide24 8

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