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We’ve Updated The HUGE Delphi Anniversary “Innovation Timeline” Infographic. Grab it Now!

delphi29 infographic

Do you recall the Delphi Innovation Timeline Infographic Embarcadero published on Delphi’s 27th anniversary two years ago? Well, we’ve updated it this year for Delphi’s 29th! And you can download it free here:

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delphi29 infographic 002

What is The Delphi Innovation Timeline Infographic?

The Delphi Timeline Innovation Timeline infographic is a visual trace of the history of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio since their inception until today and the recent release of RAD Studio 12. And that history is aligned with the history of mobile phones and smartphones, the Apple and Android app stores, programming languages, operating systems, Android and iOS, Windows and Linux.

All put together the infographic represents a visual three-decade history of technological innovation with Delphi at its center. It’s a massive high-resolution, print-quality PDF spanning the history of Delphi from February 1995, when the first version of Delphi was released as an evolution of Object Pascal, to today.

delphi29 infographic 001

Why We Created The Infographic

It was fascinating to watch how the progress of Delphi over the past 29 years paralleled the evolution of computer languages, browsers, operating systems, cellphones, and other devices. We also included the introduction of social media platforms, popular apps, and digital currencies to build a massive map of how information technology has progressed over the last three decades.

Delphi’s 29th Anniversary “Information Technology Innovation Timeline” is a celebration of the relentless march of innovation and Delphi’s indelible place in it.

Download and explore the print-quality PDF here:

Get The Printable PDF

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The Embarcadero Team


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