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How to View Digits of Pi in Real-Time with Delphi for Pi Day 2024

Here’s a guest blog post by Jim McKeeth, Embarcadero MVP and US Director of GDK Software. To celebrate the recent π day 2024 with a Delphi flavor I revisited the previous sample I made with Rudy’s Big Numbers library adding the functionality to view the digits of π in real time as they are being generated. Previously it would generate any number of digits you wanted, but you could only…
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How To Record Exact Operation Execution Time With Delphi

To know how to get the information on the exact execution time of an operation in your Windows and cross platform apps can be useful in all sorts of circumstances. For example, it can be necessary when you need to show users the time spent on the execution of a long operation (by the way, in such a situation, high accuracy is rarely required). Or you may need to know the exact time needed for…
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Read Facebook Account Data In A Cross Platform App

Facebook is a social network that boasts high popularity among users from all over the world. Earlier, we have already shown how it is possible to automate the process of posting different types of info on a Facebook page using the Facebook Graph API. We’ve created a Facebook app, an access token and API commands that we’ve further used in our cross platform apps using Delphi and the…
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Modernizing Legacy Delphi Code? MVP Oren Aviram Shows You How

Modernizing legacy code poses less of challenge than may seem at first sight, as long as the right tool is deployed. In an on-demand webinar from DelphiCon, Embacadero MVP Oren Aviram discusses the challenges of legacy code modernization, and presents Delphi Parser, an intelligent find-and-replace tool that knows Delphi syntax and can even link between objects through code. It’s a Delphi robot…
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