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Powerful BrainMM Memory Manager Designed For Modern Apps In Delphi/C++

BrainMM is an alternate memory manager for Delphi. There are a number of benchmarks between FastMM and BrainMM provided. This is an open source project over on Github. With time the project will grow to the level of standard Delphi/C++ Builder supply, along with other great libraries. Supports of all operating systems envisaged by Delphi and C++ Builder. BrainMM memory manager…
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Easy Access to MS Access Databases with Delphi and C++ Builder Components

If you need to work with Microsoft Access databases in your application then you can use the Data Access Objects (DAO) library from WINSOFT: Component list The DAO library contains the following components: TDAODatabase, TDAODataSet, TDAOTable, TDAOQuery, TDAOUpdateSQL Examples // Create a new database uses DAO, DAODS; GetDBEngine.CreateDatabase('C:\database.mdb', dbLangGeneral…
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Professional Delphi Library for Automating the LibreOffice

Intro LibreOffice is one of the most used, popular, powerful, and free office suite, used by millions of people around the world. Moreover, deployed so many business solutions to automate or process documents. Since LibreOffice is open-source and free, there are already available libraries to automate and work with LibreOffice from several programming languages. To connect your Delphi…
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PDFium - PDF Engine for your Delphi/C++ Builder FireMonkey Applications

Intro PDFium Component Suite for FireMonkey has so many capabilities to handle PDF documents. It uses PDFium open-source PDF rendering engine and supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. PDFium itself is used by the Chromium project. So, you can understand that “ium” comes from Chromium! This is a fully open-source project and you can contribute to that here. Installation Since…
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