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Alister Christie And Serge Pilko Talk Delphi, Part 2 of 3: Farms And Books

On 12 January Serge Pilko, Embarcadero MVP and founder of Softacom, a world leading Delphi software development services and software solutions provider, published a video of his interview with Alister Christie, author of the legendary “Code Faster in Delphi” and the creator of hundreds of videos that have shown many of today’s Delphi developers around the world how to program and…
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10 Easy Top-Notch Tips Every Software Developer Should Know

Over time, software development has experienced significant changes in design as well as implementation methods. As the market evolved, the software industry, particularly those previously specializing in Windows application development, also had to adapt to that evolution in order to ensure an optimum digital experience for customers, meeting the users on a broadening range of diverse platforms.
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RADoween: Full-Stack Web App Development with Delphi and TMS

Up and running from concept to launch in just five days On October 14, Atanas emailed Bruno with an idea for a TMS WEB Core-powered web app to run our internal partner Halloween costume contest. The goal was for a simple web page where team members could submit pictures of their Halloween costumes, and then everyone could vote on their favorites. Oh, and we needed it ASAP so we would have…
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How To Make A Windows and Mobile Telegram Messenger App

In this article, you will learn about Telegram Messenger, why use Telegram Cloud in your own applications, TDLib Library, using OpenSSL for security and encryption, developing your own Telegram in Windows app development software, and much more. What is Telegram Messenger? Telegram Messenger is a popular cloud instant messaging application. This application offers multiple services…
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