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How To Add Website Metrics To Your Apps Right Now

Website metrics are very important for webmasters to analyze and judge the efficacy and usefulness of their websites. Typically the metrics will show the ranking information, indexing information, spam range, and many more information to get an idea about the page. The downside is that many website metrics APIs have results pages that are either tricky to get to directly or you wish to consolidate…
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How To Make An Epic Dashboard Visualization For Windows, Mobile And The Web The Easy Way

Dashboards, graphical visualization of data, seem to be everywhere, especially in these pandemic times where daily and weekly trends take on a very personal significance. In this article, we are going to look at a beautiful dashboard that you can very easily customize to suit your own needs. Visualization is the art of making the useful, beautiful. There is only so far you can get with…
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Quickly Enumerate Among Windows Task Schedulers With Flexible Component Suite

Do you need to list down the Task Schedulers in your machine from your Delphi App programmatically? How do enumerate among the Task Schedulers quickly? Don’t know what to do? Don’t worry. MiTec’s System Information Management Suite helps to enumerate the Task Schedulers, we will learn how to use the MiTeC_TaskScheduler_TLB’s TTSTasks in this blog…
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