Gain A Python Performance Revolution With Delphi

According to TIOBE Python has overtaken Java and is most likely to overtake C in the near future. Python is the most searched language according to PYPL Index. There are some advantages to using Python for this popularity. Here are some advantages: Python is easy to read, learn and write.Improved productivity due to its simplicity.Effectively executes the code sequentially line by line which…
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How To Use A C++ DLL In Any Delphi Program

There is a glorious wealth of useful C++ libraries available on the internet. We have featured many great uses of C++ here on this blog too. C++ is typically extremely high performance. If we can have the source code of the C++ library, we can create a package which will…
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Powerful Enterprise-Grade Real-Time Streaming For IoT

Did you know how easy it is with RAD Studio Delphi to add powerful, enterprise-grade real-time streaming to and from IoT devices? We’re going to show you how to get your apps to talk to IoT devices securely and in a robust fashion in just a few easy steps. IoT and Delphi – linking the “internet of things” IoT is very popular these days and the number of connected…
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Use FNC Pack To Easily Build Powerful Dashboard Apps For Windows, Mobile, And The Web

Technology Partner TMS Software provides a wide range of fantastic components for Delphi and C++ builder. Their components have a modern look and are well optimized. All of TMS’ components have a trial version so you can try out the various features and capabilities inside your own applications before you decide to go ahead with a purchase. Are you looking for cross-platform component…
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