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How To Add Website Metrics To Your Apps Right Now

Website metrics are very important for webmasters to analyze and judge the efficacy and usefulness of their websites. Typically the metrics will show the ranking information, indexing information, spam ranging and many more information to get an idea about the page. The downside is that many website metrics APIs have results pages which are either tricky to get to directly or you wish to…
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Upscale Images With DeepAI's Super Resolution API

DeepAI is very popular platform for artificial intelligence. They provide researches, guides, news and several AI APIs. You can learn more about their APIs from this link: https://deepai.org/apis The range and depth of the APIs offered by DeepAI is quite astounding. They include APIs which allow for image colorization, facial recognition, nudity detection, sentiment and emotion detection…
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Quickly Convert Speech To Text With Powerful Google Artificial Intelligence APIs

What can the Google Audio Transcription API do for our applications? Google’s Audio Transcription API allows your program to use all the power of Google’s huge computing resources to accurately transcribe speech found in audio files into text. As Google’s documentation says: Transcribe your content in real time or from stored filesDeliver a better user experience in…
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