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Use FNC Pack To Easily Build Powerful Dashboard Apps For Windows, Mobile, And The Web

TMS FNC Dashboard Pack Featured

TMS Software, a technology partner, offers a wide range of fantastic components for Windows IDEs such as Delphi and C++ IDEs like C++ builder. Their components have a modern look and are well optimized. All of TMS’ components have a trial version so you can try out the various features and capabilities inside your own applications before you decide to go ahead with a purchase.

Are you looking for cross-platform component set for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and the web?

Among their other offerings, TMS has a component pack called The FNC pack. FNC stands for Framework neutral components. If you use the FNC components you can get your Delphi and C++ programs to target Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and the web without any code changes simply by using the FNC components which then internally handle the various differences between the operating systems for you.

What’s in the TMS FNC Component Studio?

  • TMS FNC UI Pack
  • TMS FNC Blox
  • TMS FNC Chart
  • TMS FNC Cloud Pack
  • TMS FNC Core
  • TMS FNC Dashboard Pack
  • TMS FNC Grid Excel Bridge
  • TMS FNC Maps
  • TMS FNC UI Pack

What is TMS FNC Dashboard Pack?

TMS FNC Dashboard Pack contains, perhaps obviously, a set of controls which emulate gauges and dials you might find useful for creating dashboard type visualizations. there are a broad range of very customizable components suitable for visualizations and the components work in VCL and FMX apps as well as TMS WEB Core (TMS’ solution for creating native web applications using Delphi code).

You can get a free trial of the component pack from this link:


What comes with the TMS FNC Dashboard Pack?

Let’s look at what components packed inside the TMS FNC Dashboard pack.


This is a circular progress indicator. You can add your own bitmaps to customize it. Also you can convert it to a continuous progress bar.


This is an indicator with a range. We can set a point and set start, end, center point texts. So according to the value it will show relevant text. For example you could use it to indicate temperatures and get it indicate when a maximum or minimum temperature has been achieved.


This is a circular progress indicator with multiple values. This indicator can also be heavily customized such as with your own bitmaps.


This component can visualize Pie charts, Donut graphs, Funnel types, Horizontal bar or a Vertical bar indicator. It can show values as percentage or an absolute. You can also customize the footer and legend according to your preferences.

TTMSFNCWidgetMarqueeProgress / TTMSFNCWidgetMarqueeContinuousProgress

Displays as either a continuous or marquee progress indicators.


This is seven segment LCD indicator. You can adjust the number of digits and the separator positions.


You can add any number of needles to this gauge control, custom ranges and many more.


This is a trending indicator arrow. It will adjust it color according to its angle.


How to provide data for TMS Dashboard controls?

Adding data is easy. You can live bind to a database or add manually in the design time or runtime.

Where can I find demo applications of TMS FNC Dashboard Pack?

TMS offers a live demo on its website. To check the live version of the TMS FNC Dashboard Pack web version go to the following link:

Live Web Demo

Also when you install the TMS FNC Dashboard Pack, it will install a set of demo application in the Public documents directory. For example:

Also you can download a demo application which shows all of the TMS FNC Dashboard Pack in action. It uses some of “https://apilayer.com/” APIs to get data into components.

TMS FNC Dashboard Pack Demo Gauge

Here’s a link to a GitHub repository containing an example to accompany this blog post: https://github.com/checkdigits/TMSFNCDashboardDemo

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