LearnCPlusPlus :: Functions, Params, Declarations & Overloading

Hello fellow C++ Developers! This week is another milestone in the “Introduction to C++” posts of ourLearnCPlusPlus.orgwebsite, we start to add posts about Object-Oriented Programming, and we will dive into Classes & Objects in the next few weeks so keep following along. This week’s topics include What is the main function in C++?How can we define…
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Do All Your Windows Applications Look Like A Computer Virus?

OK, so you’ve written something brilliant, the Next Big Thing. You’re taking the modern approach. You’ve read up – or watched – our series on Fluent UI and maybe even applied a few visual things like neo skeuomorphism we learned about at the Desktop First conference. Perhaps you’ve applied some VCL themes to your app and integrated the ability to detect Windows 10…
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Machine Learning: 5 Ways To Use ML in your Windows Apps

How do I start using Machine Learning in Windows? Machine learning isn’t only for the cloud, or run locally in a web browser or command prompt, Microsoft is bringing it to PCs in the latest Windows 10 release. For example, Microsoft provides Python’s WinRT to create Windows Machine Learning applications, and ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange) format, an open standard for sharing trained…
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