5 New Posts About C, C++, And Python

Hello C++ Developers. In today’s round-up of recent posts on LearnCPlusPlus.org, we have 5 new C and C++ posts with some very simple examples that can be used with a modern C++ Compiler that supports C++17. We also dabble a little with Python too, just for good measure! Why is Python useful to C++ developers? Python is one of my latest programming languages that I had to learn. I…
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Developing Windows Services in Windows 11: Best Practices and Tools

When you develop Windows software you come across the need for some kinds of applications need to be run for 24 hours or, in fact, continually while the computer is running. Usually, the computers in question are network servers or monitoring applications on desktop machines. In these cases, you might think about creating a console application which has a either a minimal amount of interaction or…
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Getting Big with Pi in Delphi

When I was very young and first learned about Pi they told me 3.14 was a good approximation, but it was an irrational number that went on forever, and people with computers were able to calculate many digits. I had a computer (Commodore Vic 20) and wanted to see how many…
C++CodeRAD Studio

10 Tips to Rapid Development With A C++ IDE

1. Download the latest C++ Builder 11 (RAD Studio 11) Community Edition / Professional / Architect / Enterprise C++ Builder is the easiest and fastest C and C++ IDE for building everything from simple to professional applications on the Windows, macOS, and iOS operating systems. It is also easy for beginners to learn with its wide range of samples, tutorials, help files and LSP support for…
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Calculating Pi in Delphi for Pi Day 2023

Update: I revisited the calculation of Pi with even more digits. In the United States today, March 14th is  π day (3rd month, 14th day, or 3/14). Traditions involve eating pie, the pastry, and calculating Pi, the irrational mathematical constant. Animation of the…
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How to Check The C++ Compiler Version On Windows

A C or C++ Compiler is a computer program that converts the text of a program’s code into an executable program. How can we check the version of the C++ compiler we are using on our Windows computer? Let’s take a look at a few different ways to do it. How can I check the C++ compiler version with the RAD Studio command prompt? RAD Studio powers C++ Builder which supports various…
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