Compile 1 Million Lines Of C++ In ~2 Minutes With A 16 Core Ryzen 9 5950x

The recently released AMD Ryzen 9 5950x offers 16 cores and 32 threads so let’s see what kind of performance we can get out of a parallel C++ compile with those 32 threads. At the time of this writing the AMD Ryzen 9 5950x has the highest single core CPU Benchmark score at around 3515. C++Builder is a rapid application development tool for building C++ Windows apps. It offers normal…
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Easily Implement Robust Binary Large Object (BLOB) Streaming With FireDAC In Delphi

TheBlobssample shows you how to create a BLOB stream for reading and/or writing the value of a specificBLOB fieldon a specific record. To this end, the sample uses theCreateBlobStreammethod ofTFDQueryto create a read-only BLOB stream. In this sample, the BLOB stream is used to read the picture contained on eachBLOB fieldof each record of…
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Learn How to Deploy Flexible Optical Barcode Recognition For Delphi VCL On Windows With WINSOFT Library

Introduction OBR (Optical Barcode recognition) is a VCL type library (Windows platform only). Its main purpose is to decode QR code and Barcode images. In the next short video you will see installation instructions: 2) Components in the Demo and what they do There are two panels. One is at the top, containing the button for the picture choise. In the middle there is a…
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Learn How To Easily Work With A COMPort On Linux In Delphi Using A WINSOFT Library

Using this awesome library you can track and use all available ComPorts on your linux machine. To make it work just download and add the library path, declare the units and call its functions, it is easy, fast and efficient. Follow the tutorial to learn how to implement this. In my case i was working with a Windows host running Ubuntu on VirtualBox. Installing Development Packages To install the…
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