How To Use The Firebase API To Add, Read, and Delete Data In A Realtime Document-Oriented Database

Currently, the use of a remote database for storing various types of data (such as product and user information for an online store, patient details in a clinic, etc.) is highly relevant. Also, more and more developers want to create cross platform apps to access the data on device targets such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. For this purpose, both traditional relational databases and…
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How To Create A PDF File With Delphi And Add An Image To It

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a widely used open electronic document format which can be easily used in all your cross platform apps. It is really convenient thanks to its compatibility with numerous programs. As a result, it is possible to view PDF documents using different software. And regardless of the device used, the page configuration remains the same. That’s why PDF is often chosen…
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How To Automate The Mathcad Prime Software With Delphi Using COM

Among the most notable features of Delphi, it’s worth mentioning the ability to enhance your Windows app development by interacting with other installed software products on your computer, using the COM technology for functionality embedding or automating. In this article, we will show you how to automate the Mathcad Prime software in your Delphi VCL apps, by controlling the automation server…
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This Is How To Use ADO And FireDAC With Databases

From this article, you will learn the difference between working with databases via the ADO technology and the FireDAC library. Using the right database technology is often a critical part of designing your apps, particularly for Windows application development where there is a very rich array of database choices, not all of which may be hosted on a Windows server. ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) is…
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