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Embarcadero Partners with Raize Software for KSVC Maintenance

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A number of years ago, Embarcadero Technologies acquired Konopka Signature VCL Controls (KSVC) from Raize Software. KSVC is a powerful library of VCL UI controls. The KSVC package is available to RAD Studio customers with an active subscription, as a bonus add-on in the GetIt package manager.

Since the acquisition of the components by Embarcadero, both Embarcadero and Ray Konopka of Raize Software have been getting requests from customers on updates and enhancements they’d like to see in the components. Embarcadero has been maintaining the components and addressing customer requests.

A New Partnership

We are very excited to share that we are partnering with Ray Konopka to help us update and maintain the components going forward. Ray is the foremost expert in KSVC, and we’re excited to be working with him.

Current and future KSVC work will be focused on integrating and supporting areas of evolution of the underlying VCL library, from styling to High DPI, just to name two important areas. Nothing changes in terms of distribution, issues reporting, or support requests, which will continue to be available via the regular Embarcadero RAD Studio channels. 

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The Embarcadero team is very pleased about this agreement and looks forward to further improvements to the VCL library and the KSVC addon package, and would like to thank Ray Konopka for his renewed involvement in the project.

About Ray Konopka

Ray Konopka is the author of the first extensive book on Delphi components writing, an active conference speaker, and an authority in the Delphi community. His Raize Software company (https://raize.com/) created KSVC, now owned by Embarcadero, and produces the CodeSite Logging System.

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