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What Are The Container Adapters in Modern C++?

Hello developers, here we will explain the container adapters. Before I get into that, as a C++ Builder developer, I should say that these past few weeks have made me so happy that we released the new RAD Studio 12.1. This release has massive C++ upgrades to the new Windows 64-bit Modern Compiler along with new VCL/FMX/Skia options to help with modern programming. There were also a lot of new…
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What Are The CMath Mathematical Special Functions In Modern C++?

Hello developers, one of the most important parts of programming is using mathematical functions in calculations and developing faster and smarter computational algorithms. In professional programming, every bit of development in computational apps is important when using mathematical functions, methods and variables that we use, which may affect to speed of our calculations and the performance…
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What Can You Do With RAD Studio 12? Webinar

Hello everyone. I hope you’re all keeping safe and well. We’ve had a huge amount of interest in RAD Studio 12 Athens our latest release of the Delphi and C++ IDE from Embarcadero. Thanks for your feedback which is overwhelmingly positive, and also for letting us know anything which is not quite right too. In any release the complexity of the engineering which goes into it always means…
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I first met Philippe Kahn and Turbo Pascal 40 years ago this month

In 1983, I was working for Softsel Computer Products (Softsel) in the product evaluation, support and training group. Softsel had a booth at the Fall 1983 COMDEX (Computer Dealer Expo) conference (November 28 to December 2) in the Las Vegas Convention Center. I sat at a pod in the booth to answer questions about Softsel, products we distributed and to talk with software and device manufacturers…
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