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And Delphi, huh?

That was the theme of a live I watched… “And Delphi, huh???” For those who follow the evolution of the tool over the years, especially since Embarcadero, everything that has happened is very clear. But for those who are not part of this group, the question is extremely pertinent. I became an admirer It was through a live that I got to know, I immediately became an admirer of the creator of…
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The Future of Startups Demands Massive Productivity

Productivity means that you achieve as much as possible within a given time frame. It is a top priority for startups. You don’t want to see your software developers getting involved with time-consuming designing and coding to get the job done. Your team needs a massive productivity boost to solidify the future of your startup. But how can you enhance it? In this post, you will find all the…
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From Bindings List to Visual LiveBindings

Having looked into Delphi’s expression engine, component bindings, and the bindings list component, we can now look at the easy and intuitive way to configure an application with dynamic bindings, the Visual LiveBindings design surface. Over the past few weeks, I blogged about Delphi’s expression engine, binding expressions and component, and the bindings list component. Now it is…
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Made In Delphi: An Astonishing Solar System Catalog

There is something quite wonderful about gazing up at the night sky. I recommend doing it often, although not while driving or operating heavy machinery (or light machinery, or sword juggling). When I was very young we were lucky enough to visit the London Planetarium. The incredible lightshow put on there was superbly explained by an expert astronomer and it lit in me an interest to this day…
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