Automate Access To Current And Historical Currency Exchange Rates Via API

Currency exchange rates is an interesting financial dataset similar to stock quotes and cryptocurrency datasets. For building solutions like software or a POS system for a currency exchange business it is a necessary dataset and there are APIs online that give you easy access to this data. One API that is available is from which is owned by apilayer (a sister company of…
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Code Insight Improvements in Delphi 10.4.2

RAD Studio 10.4.2 was planned as a feature-focused followup to the quality-focused release of 10.4.1. However, besides delivering some major features we also fixed more issues in 10.4.2 than in the previous release! This applies as much to Code Insight, or DelphiLSP, as to…

Helping the Linker: Split DWARF and Linker Memory Usage in C++Builder 10.4.2

The linker is a core part of the C++Builder toolchain – after all, it’s the part that collects the compiler’s output and creates your final binary, so it’s hard to understate its importance! – and because it brings the entire application together at once, it can use a lot of memory. C++Builder 10.4.2 is not the first release where we’ve introduced linker improvements: making…
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Increase Your Coding Experience By Adding Helpful Extensions To Your IDE

Developers love arguing and discussing different types of code editors most of the time. Someone says Vim is number one, someone says VSCode cracks everything. These all different code editors have different features and abilities to do tasks easily. RAD Studio is improving its code editor by adding new helpful and handy extensions. One of them is the Navigator extension. Navigator lets you…
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What's New in 10.4.2 Sydney

Am I the only one who gets excited about new releases? If you look at the RAD Studio Roadmap you will see a new 10.4.2 release of Sydney is scheduled for the first half of 2021. If you are on Update Subscription then you were invited to the NDA 10.4.2 Hunter beta. Well now…