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New in 11.2: The Little Things That Add Up to Big Quality

Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 11.2 is already available. I recently posted a peek into one new IDE feature. But what else is in the IDE? 11.2 is a quality-focused release. That means a lot of work on existing features, ensuring they work smoothly: high DPI VCL design, for example, is an area with a lot of focus and improvements. So is performance. So is the C++ toolchain, and the Delphi…
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Is C++ A Programming Language?

C++ is a great thing to develop amazing apps but is it a programming tool or a programming language? Using a powerful, fast and reliable C++ compiler, IDE andC++ GUI frameworkare very important for beginners and professionals but how do they help and what do they…
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Developing Mobile Apps For Multiple Platforms: What Are The Best Practices?

With the increasing use of smartphones, mobile apps are a primary source of social outreach, outward engagement, communication – personal and business – and even shopping. It’s hard to imagine a scenario now where mobile devices are not in some way playing a part. Their ubiquitous nature is both a boon and, in some ways an imposition. But, like them or love them, as a developer…
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Where To Start Windows App Development With A C++ IDE?

In this post we explain simply how you can start to build Windows applications from a beginner’s level using a fast and reliable C++ Compiler. Once you have installed the C++ IDE it will literally take you less than 3 minutes to create, compile and run your very first C++ Windows app. Let’s try it together now! Which tool do I need to develop a Windows C++ app? If you want to…
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A C++ Program Example

Using a fast and reliable C or C++ compiler is very important for beginners and professionals learning to write console apps. The right C++ IDE helps teach beginners the various elements and syntax of a C++ program to a beginner and reminds more experienced developers of…
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Visual vs. No Code vs. Low Code App Development, What's The Difference?

Low code app development is the phrase of the moment right now. There are even some tools which fall into the low code category which use artificial intelligence to help develop solutions better although not without some controversary. Yet, the terms used are not clearly definitive, which can lead to confusion. This article will first define a few key phrases such as citizen developer, visual apps…
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