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Announcing the new updated RAD Server Technical Guide

Back in 2019, David I wrote a fantastic guide to RAD Server that has been very popular in helping developers develop new, and migrate older systems towards a RESTful architecture. There have been a number of updates to RAD Server since the guide was originally launched, including a number of new components that have simplified and made RAD Server even more RAD!  We have also had a lot of…
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Benchmark Study Weighs Electron And Delphi on IP Security

Intellectual property security is a pillar of business sustainability. The money, time, and resources invested in a project can be wiped out if the revenue-producing mechanism is not properly protected. How do Delphi and Electron protect intellectual property? The “Discovering The Best Cross-Platform Framework Through Benchmarking” whitepaper evaluates two frameworks supporting…
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Developer Environment Tools For Delphi And Electron - Benchmark Study

Developer environment tools improve the speed and quality of coding with features like auto-completion, debugging, and emulation. They influence factors like development time, and the need (or lack thereof) to make future updates and bug fixes. RAD Studio, for example, comes with code insight, an advanced debugger, code formatting, refactoring assistance, and keystroke macros. When businesses…
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