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Sqids: Integration with RAD Server and standalone library

With the launch of RAD Studio 12, RAD Server not only fully integrates the encoding Sqids library, but you can also use it in any other project through the new TSqidsEncoding class available in the System.NetEncoding.Sqids namespace. Sqids is a small open-source library that can produce short, unique, random-looking IDs from numbers. The best way to think about it is like a…
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Deploy Yellowfin Using Docker And Connect it to Delphi Apps

Even though Yellowfin is very straightforward regarding installation, sometimes we don’t want to mess up our main developing computer with extra applications or spin a new VM just to install one piece of software. Here is where Docker comes into play and really shines. Yellowfin has an “all-in-one” Docker image that makes deploying a test or demo environment a breeze. This Docker image is…
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