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Quickly Define Powerful Client-Side Aggregating Formulas With FireDAC Using TFDQuery In Delphi

This sample demonstrates how to define the client-side aggregating formulas with TFDQuery. You can find out more about aggregated fields and values in the Embarcadero DocWiki. The fkAggregate aggregated fields management is similar to the expression calculated fields management. FireDAC calculates aggregated fields when TFDDataSet.AggregatesActive is set to True (by default, its value is…
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Importing and exporting data with IBConsole

There are several options available for migrating or importing data with InterBase databases. No matter if you are migrating and need to import data into your new database or exporting your data to use in third party systems. One of those options is IBConsole. IBConsole…
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Learn How To Use C++ Incomplete Return Types In Windows Development

An incomplete type is a type that describes an identifier but lacks information needed to determine the size of the identifier. An incomplete type can be: A structure type whose members you have not yet specified.A union type whose members you have not yet specified.An array type whose dimension you have not yet specified. The void type is an incomplete type that cannot be completed. To…
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Ryzen 9 5950x: Parallel Compile 124 Windows C++ Projects In ~1 Minute With 16 Cores

Modern CPUs like the AMD Ryzen 9 5950x with their 16 cores and 32 threads offer a significant productivity boost when developing C++ projects for Windows. As we saw in the previous post (Compile 1 Million Lines Of C++ In ~2 Minutes With A 16 Core Ryzen 9 5950x) we were able to compile over 1 million lines of C++ code in around 2 minutes using TwineCompile in C++Builder. Additionally, we were able…
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Join TCoffee and Code Week - 1st to 5th Feb

Sign up for TCoffee and Code Week Join us for “TCoffee and Code” Join us every day between the 1st & 5th of February as we have a virtual coffee break at 11am GMT each day. With Covid still keeping many developers away from the office and the rest of their…
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Cross-Platform to Windows, macOS, Linux with Firepower - Replay

In this webinar, Embarcadero Delphi MVP Ian Barker writes and deploys an app that targets Windows, macOS, and Linux from one set of code using just Delphi 10.4 and the FirePower components from Woll2Woll software. Roy Woll (from Woll2Woll) will be taking part in a live Q & A session with Ian after the demonstration to answer your questions plus attendees can get a coupon for a discount on the…
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