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Watch the "RAD Studio 11 Alexandria - What's New" Webinar Replay

Last week we saw the release of RAD Studio 11 Alexandria and the “What’s New” webinar. The turn out for all three sessions was amazing! Just in case you missed it, or want to review, here is the replay. It is over 3 hours long as it includes a recording of the live Q&A sessions at the end (the text log of the questions is below the video too). Just like the RAD Studio IDE…
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Announcing the Availability of RAD Studio 11 Alexandria

Embarcadero is pleased to announce the release of Delphi 11, C++Builder 11 and RAD Studio 11. RAD Studio 11 Alexandria builds on the feature set of the 10.4 releases and offers many new features, including an improved user experience with a High DPI IDE.  In this blog post…

The Power Of The Future Is Rooted In The Past

First programming languages were written in the 1950s, long before our modern day ide software was even a twinkle in the eye of the most forward-thinking minds. Those early languages were very close to the hardware. Instructions were extremely unsophisticated and were almost one-to-one conversions of a circuit’s purpose: load value, multiply value, subtract value. In fact, multiplication was…
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5 Of The Many Reasons LearnCplusPlus.org Is A Hidden Gem

Hello C++ Developers, LearnCPlusPlus.org is packed full of great articles for professionals and beginners alike. The posts vary from articles suitable for people who are just starting to learn C++ – basics like string handling, pointers, loops and all those fundamental building blocks of this rich and powerful programming language – to much more in-depth and advanced subjects like…
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RAD Studio 11 Alexandria January PAServer Patch Available

Following the release of the general RAD Studio 11 Alexandria November Patch, the R&D team at Embarcadero is now making available an additional update to the Platform Assistant Server (PAServer) for the Apple macOS platform to support recent updates of the Apple…

5 Great Reasons To Visit LearnCplusPlus.org Today

Hello C++ and Delphi Developers, We have new posts every day on LearnCPlusPlus.org packed full of great articles for professionals and beginners alike. Lots of new modern C++ topics to speed up your C++ app (or apps!) and to make them look visually stunning with an updated, modern look in a few simple steps. In the articles we have selected today we explain how you can simply compile Delphi…
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Writing Your Own Components For The FastReport Dialog

When creating a report, it is important not only to make a beautiful printed form that will display the data necessary for the user. but also a convenient prepress dialog where the user can set the parameters for generating the report. In the RAD Studio IDE Software, on the fastReport prepress dialog, there are already a number of components, for example, Label, Edit, Button, Memo. But…
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