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Winners of the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge

So many great entries for the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge! There were 170 entries covering a wide range of project types. Everything from games and multimedia to line-of-business and consumer software. Both on VCL on the desktop and FireMonkey on mobile platforms. It is so easy to get wrapped up in our view of what Delphi is useful for, we sometimes miss its amazing flexibility. I recommend…
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February 2021 GM Blog - 10.4.2, Delphi's 26th & More!

These are exciting times! As vaccines advance and lockdowns ease, we are ready to get back to business. Like many of you, we never stopped. The hard work of our teams culminated in the release of 10.4.2 while advancing our many initiatives, as our collaboration with partners…
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What's Coming in 10.4.2 Sydney

Am I the only one who gets excited about new releases? If you look at the RAD Studio Roadmap you will see a new 10.4.2 release of Sydney is scheduled for the first half of 2021. If you are on Update Subscription then you were invited to the NDA 10.4.2 Hunter beta. Well now…

Powerful Real-Time Retail Dashboard App is Powered by Delphi

RunIt Pulse mobile app provides owners and managers of retail chains with a real-time “on-the-go” dashboard and it’s made possible by the perfect partnership of Delphi coupled with developer skill.  This powerful and featured-packed app allows them to view critical, real-time metrics about their stores.  Written by Run It Systems based in New York, the app is available on just…
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Developer Stories: Jarrod Davis Speaks Of His GameVision Toolkit Application

Jarrod Davis has been using Delphi ever since Turbo Pascal 3.03. He registered his application (GameVision Toolkit) to the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge and asked for his thoughts on using Delphi. More information of his application is on GameVision. When did you start using RAD Studio/Delphi and have long have you been using it? I have use every version starting with Turbo Pascal 3.03…
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Developer Stories: John Hardy Elaborates More On His Equation Visualization Application

John Hardy has been programming since Turbo Pascal 6. His equation visualization application (Equation Solver) was one of the showcase entries at the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge and he talked to us about his Delphi adventures throughout the years as a programmer. Visit the Equation Solver website for more information. When did you start using RAD Studio/Delphi and how long have you been using…
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Easily Perform Powerful Text Analysis With Google Machine Learning

Google Cloud offers a Natural Language API which allows a developer to take unstructured text as an input and utilize Google’s machine learning capabilities to derive insight from it. They have a number of different operations that can be performed on a piece of text including syntax analysis, entity analysis, custom entity extraction, sentiment analysis, custom sentiment analysis, content…
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