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From Enhanced Training to Cutting-Edge Tooling: Embarcadero’s Commitment to Elevating Your Development Experience

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As many of you have noticed, a lot is happening at Embarcadero in 2024, and we have a lot more in store for you. We have one of our biggest releases in three years, we are bolstering our offerings in both training and tooling, and our passionate community continues to grow. 

RAD 12 is Here! More to Come!

With our development team’s great work with RAD Studio 12 and the upcoming 12.1 release, there is no better time to upgrade, buy, or renew your license! I’m incredibly proud of the work and effort put into this release to ensure the stability and reliability our community has come to expect, while also driving to the future. Our Product Management team has done a great job balancing these expectations and delivering! 

Strengthening Our Community 

Over the last several development cycles, we’ve attempted to be more transparent about what the team is working on and, as many have commented, this has resounded well. We’ve also been hard at work engaging our community in new ways with continued efforts to show not only how awesome our tooling is, but how to actually drive your products further with that tooling. 

This effort, along with driving educational content, has been driven primarily by Ian, our Developer Advocate, who I’m sure many of you have met or heard from. The webinar calendar is quickly filling up, and I hope you can join us for another opportunity to hear directly from the team. 

What’s been great about this has been the candor on both sides of the aisle and the feedback we’ve received. To further our insight into where we should go with RAD Studio, we sent out a survey earlier this year, which was well received. While we gathered much feedback that is being put into action, we’d like to have another opportunity specifically from our C++ users and the larger C++ community. To that end, a new survey is live now!

We look forward to incorporating this feedback into our product plans. 

New Capabilities for Mobile Development

For the vast majority of consumer-facing apps, mobile makes the difference. Once you have one of our IDEs in your hands, we want to ensure that you’ll get going instantly with what they do best: building apps that look great and work great on any platform.

This is why we’re thrilled that with every purchase of a Professional or Enterprise Edition of Delphi and RAD Studio, you’ll receive an exclusive opportunity to elevate your mobile development game with our complimentary, self-paced, comprehensive Mobile Development Training Course course! 

This brings me back to RAD Studio 12.1 and the work done to meet the needs of our users. Some of the foundational work released and previewed in 12.0 will now be actualized in 12.1, and we’re extremely excited about the future. Please take advantage of our beta program for our existing users with a current maintenance plan.

If you haven’t received the invite, contact your account manager for more information.  For new users, I encourage you to take a look at our ongoing promotions, which include exciting educational opportunities with each purchase and, of course, access to the latest beta build. 

New RAD Studio Architect Capabilities

Modern architecture requires modern tooling, some of which we’ve been hard at work to deliver in RAD Studio 12. Beyond this, we acknowledge that your development workflows and tooling require multiple components beyond the IDE itself. 

We’re excited to announce that we have worked with our sister company, YellowFin, to bring best-in-class BI tooling to our Architect edition customers. While this is currently an opportunity for new license purchases, we are working on a way to get this to existing customers in the coming months. To learn more about this and all our ongoing promos, click here

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Again, a heartfelt thank you to all involved behind the scenes and to all of our partners for driving RAD Studio forward! There’s never been a better time to join this fantastic community!

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