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RAD Studio 12 Questions and Answers!

On Thursday 9 November we held the launch webinar for Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 12. We had an unprecedented number of attendees, to the point of doing a rerun on Nov 30th. This QA represents questions raised in both. If you were unable to attend take a look at our replay here. We got hundreds of questions in the Q&A log. It is amazing seeing the interest and feedback and we reply in…
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Stable Diffusion: Generative AI On Your Desktop Through Delphi

Welcome, art enthusiasts, developers, and innovators! Generative AI is turning into a powerful force in the software development and content creation spaces. In this article we will explore the Stable Diffusion Desktop client – a desktop UI designed to give you access to a whole host of Stable Diffusion models for image generation without having to have a GPU on your Windows, macOS, or Linux…
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Can ChatGPT Be Used To Generate Art?

Art and technology have been irrevocably intertwined throughout history, from cave paintings to Renaissance frescoes. Today, the combination of technological advances and age old artistic traditions has given rise to new avenues for art production — from 3D printing to AI-based approaches such as Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and Dall-E. But what about ChatGPT? And can it really be used to…
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These Simple Productivity Tips Make a Big Difference

The secrets to optimal productivity are highly sought-after by any professional in any industry. Naturally, they differ depending on the nature of the work – productivity means something entirely different for journalists, athletes, doctors, or in our case, software developers. Productivity for software developers revolves around several constituent components – the right tools, the…
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