Calculating Pi in Delphi for Pi Day 2023

In the United States today, March 14th is π day (3rd month, 14th day, or 3/14). Traditions involve eating pie, the pastry, and calculating Pi, the irrational mathematical constant. Animation of the act of unrolling a circle’s circumference, illustrating the ratioπ. Edited by John Reid [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikipedia In Delphi, Pi is included as an intrinsic function. If you…
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The New VCL ControlList Multiple Selection in Delphi 11.3

There is a small new features in the VCL library in the recently released Delphi 11.3, the option to enable multiple selection in the ControlList component of the VCL library. What is a ControlList? The ControlList component was introduced to the VCL a few years back to…
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Why Update Subscription Matters, And Why March is a Great Time to Renew Your Licenses!

RAD Studio gets better and better with every release. With a big developer team adding new capabilities, fixing bugs and addressing literally hundreds of customer requests daily, each version update of RAD Studio represents a leap forward not just for the IDE and toolset, but for your business as well. Assuming, of course, you’re on update subscription. A Landmark Release RAD Studio 11…
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Streamlining RAD Studio Upgrades with GetIt

This guide covers streamlining GetIt packages during and upgrade and installation for a smoother upgrade experience. When upgrading between major versions, the Settings Migration Tool simplifies keeping your settings. It is also great for migrating a subset of your…

Can ChatGPT Be Used To Generate Art?

Art and technology have been irrevocably intertwined throughout history, from cave paintings to Renaissance frescoes. Today, the combination of technological advances and age old artistic traditions has given rise to new avenues for art production — from 3D printing to AI-based approaches such as Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and Dall-E. But what about ChatGPT? And can it really be used to…
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Delphi 28th Anniversary

Delphi was introduce to the world exactly 28 years ago today in San Francisco. While it keeps adding new features and capabilities, Delphi offers an unparalleled degree of compatibility with code written so many years ago. (Delphi 28 rendered with a gradient on a D2D…

RAD Studio Malawi Beta Feedback: “Delphi LSP is The Best It’s Ever Been”

As you might know if you have been following our blogs and announcements, Embarcadero is working on a new update to RAD Studio Alexandria. A beta test program of the new version, codenamed “Malawi”, is currently ongoing. This coming update release is primarily focused on quality, and in particular on the issues affecting most customers in terms of code tooling. One key focus area of the work…
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