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RAD Studio & The Software Life Cycle – Building Your Applications


As a complete app development environment, RAD Studio delivers value across the software development life cycle

RAD Studio combines the time and cost efficiency of working with a single codebase with the superior performance and security of platform-native applications.

RAD Studio 12.1, the latest version of the IDE, greatly enhances the benefits of using the IDE to build, publish and maintain apps.

Consistent Competitive Advantage 

As a developer you will find that RAD Studio creates a consistent competitive advantage at every stage of the software life cycle:

  • design & development
  • publishing
  • maintenance and updates

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In this, the first of a series of blog posts on the value RAD Studio delivers across the Software Development Life Cycle, we are looking at the features of RAD Studio that enable you to save time and improve reliability in the design and development phase, when you’re building your apps.

In this phase, you are taking the application you have designed and turning it into a functioning piece of software with the help of RAD Studio. 

So what value does RAD Studio deliver in the application development phase of the SDLC? What competitive advantages can developers using RAD Studio benefit from in this phase?

Building Your Apps: Don’t Code, Assemble

RAD Studio apps are not coded as much as assembled using code snippets, graphics, and UI components from the VCL (Visual Component Library) and FMX (FireMonkey) libraries.

This saves a tremendous amount of time and guarantees a consistent look and feel across the app and across platforms.

Use these RAD Studio 12.1 features to make your job much easier:

  • Assemble your code just once for publishing to multiple platforms in the next phase. Compare this to having to code three or more different apps in three or more languages, constantly trying to maintain consistency across platforms. 
  • Use the split editor views in the IDE to edit the same file in multiple locations and keep both a design and a code view on screen

rad 12 1 split editors









  • Use VCL Styles at design time, getting instant visibility on how styled forms and UI controls will look when running, and faster UI design and layout
  • Work in high dpi with RAD Studio 12.1’s support for 4k high-resolution screens
  • Use Skia support for UI design in FireMonkey to improve performance and rendering quality across target platforms
  • Use the Multi-Device Icon Generator to instantly generate a full set of icons for all screen resolutions automatically within the IDE. This saves an incredible amount of time, and guarantees visual consistency on Windows, iOS, Android and any other platform you’re targeting

icon gen ios











  • If you’re building C++ apps, benefit from the new and improved Visual Assist Integration for the C++Builder IDE, with expanded rename refactoring to visual designers and auto-generated event handlers, best-in-class code completion, code navigation and refactoring for C++ code.

Future-Proof Your Work

When you build an app with RAD Studio, you’re setting yourself up to save a lot of time and money by benefiting from the legendary backward and forward compatibility, as well as exceptional stability, of the Delphi language.

Your apps will take a lot less time to maintain and update, and cost a lot less to do so, than apps built with competing frameworks.

And with just a single codebase to work with, the frustration of coordinating concurrent iOS and Android updates simply will not apply to you.

This means that this level of continuity and manageability over time will enable you to also easily improve the user experience and increase customer loyalty, which will translate to reduced support and maintenance costs for your business.

For more on the backward and forward compatibility of RAD Studio apps, read this article on the Embarcadero blog.

Go The Whole Way With Architect

This is also an opportunity to consider upgrading your license to RAD Studio Architect and enhance the benefits and opportunities available to you with RAD Studio’s most advanced edition.

What do you get with the Architect Edition of RAD Studio?

Architect is the RAD Studio edition you need to build enterprise-level multi-platform, multi-device applications that can connect to a multitude of databases, including the embedded version of InterBase, use advanced database design and data visualization, target Linux, build web apps, and deploy REST-based web services on Linux or Windows.

With RAD Studio Architect you can:

  • Create superior multi-device database connectivity with FireDAC

02 firedac 2








  • Develop for Linux with the RAD Studio Linux compiler
  • Deploy REST-based web services with a RAD Server Multi-Site Deployment License

rad server 3











  • Get an Encrypted Embeddable Database with InterBase IBToGo Edition

main ib










For more information about what is in RAD Studio Architect, read this article on the Embarcadero blog.

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