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Why RAD Studio Apps Are Forever

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The backward and forward compatibility of Delphi is simply legendary. Few languages and libraries, if any, can match Delphi’s backward and forward compatibility and stability, which can make even decades-old software run perfectly on the latest version of the Delphi IDE.

With a backward compatibility rate close to 100%, Delphi offers developers the luxury of knowing software they have built will run forever, and can be successively updated and modernized without the headaches that plague software written with other programming languages.

Where some other frameworks and their owners consider backward compatibility to be “bad for sales” and prefer to force migration to new products and tools, Embarcadero and Delphi have resisted this and preserved backward compatibility as a core characteristic of the language, as well as a point of pride.

It’s also worth noting that backward compatibility has never been a limiting factor for Delphi, as the product is consistently improved through frequent version updates to align with evolving requirements and implement feature requests and quality updates.

Backward Compatibility And Software Migration 

This distinguishing characteristic of the Delphi language and libraries provides long-time developers with a unique advantage, which is the opportunity to: 

  • Implement upgrades and migration with a near-zero risk of breaking the product or a component
  • Migrate a software product without having to update the core design and functionality from scratch, without time-consuming upgrades and cost overruns
  • Easily extend the reach of an existing tool to new platforms with minimal financial outlays and time spent
  • Avoid the high costs that prevent the timely modernization of software products, causing loss of market share to competitors
  • Take full advantage of the modern extensions every new release brings to market

In fact, an app built with Delphi 15, 20, 25 years ago can be updated to support Windows 11 today, and today’s Windows 11 app can be easily maintained to work with Windows 20 in 2040.

With this level of continuity over time, software built with Delphi preserves the user experience and protects customer loyalty over time, also greatly reducing the need for customer support and troubleshooting after software updates, leading to a reduction in support and maintenance costs for you.


Are You Ready for a Software Upgrade?

Is your software business ready for a modernization? It’s time to consider updating your Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio IDEs to make them ready for modernizing your apps if:

  • Your products are looking out of date, and customers are noticing
  • You’re ready to modernize, but are worried about breaking your apps
  • Customers are demanding features you’re not in a position to provide
  • You want to extend your apps to web, mobile or desktop but are limited by the current version of your toolset


Landmark Release

RAD Studio 12, quickly followed by 12.1 in April of 2024, is a landmark release with a bumper collection of new features and quality improvements thanks to the continuous development of RAD Studio.

The latest version of RAD Studio comes with:

  • Faster, easier coding productivity with split editor views, improved CodeInsight, and real-time views of VCL styles
  • Improved VCL and FireMonkey libraries for stylish designs for mobile and Windows
  • Deeper integration with Visual Assist for C++Builder, and modernized C++ compilers and toolchain
  • Support for latest platform versions, like iOS 17, Android 14, macOS Sonoma, Ubuntu 22 LTS, Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.

Need a Modernization Assessment?

Migrating to the latest version of your IDE is about leaving zero room for missed opportunities.

Migration and modernization projects are always unique. The best way to assess your readiness for a software modernization and toolset upgrade is to have a chat with one of our experts.

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