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Aviation Giant Renews Long-Term InterBase Contract


After extensive testing, a top global commercial aircraft manufacturer has just renewed its InterBase deployment license with Embarcadero.

The project involved updating InterBase to the latest version to address compliance requirements. Although we cannot name the long-term customer due to a confidentiality clause, we are nevertheless delighted to highlight the renewal.

Embarcadero is proud to have supported the customer throughout the rigorous testing process, ensuring hassle-free integration with some of the world’s most complex and advanced enterprise-level computing systems.

InterBase’s reputation and performance as a deploy-and-forget embeddable database with advanced security, dependability, and award-winning change synchronization are likely to have influenced the customer’s decision to renew the contract.

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Aircraft manufacturing is just one of many industries where you’ll find InterBase as a preferred choice for secure and reliable embedded databases. InterBase has also been deployed by leaders in healthcare, oil and gas, shipping, defense, logistics, and space exploration, and many other industries where stringent requirements for dependability in harsh environments are vital.

InterBase is an ultrafast, scalable and embeddable SQL database with top-of-the-line data security, instant disaster recovery, and patented award-winning change synchronization technology. With editions for mobile, desktop and server, InterBase gives multi-device, multi-platform apps a clear dependability edge and cost advantage.

The Latest on InterBase

 InterBase 2020 Update 5, involving a brand new version of IBConsole, was released in October 2023.

The changes improved IBConsole’s appearance, functionality, and usability.

InterBase has also improved its available drivers with an update to the ADO.NET driver and the introduction of a new driver for Python.

New Licensing Options

Additional licensing options have been introduced since the last release of InterBase 2020. Embedded IBLite is now freely available not only to RAD Studio customers, but to all developers

Embedded IBToGo, with built-in encryption support, change views and other practical features included as standard, is available with an annual subscription license for deployment in unlimited instances for multi-platform, multi-device applications.

Learn more about the InterBase annual subscription, or contact us for a consultation or quote.

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