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Welcome to the future of software development, again

I have some good news for you, the future of software development has arrived! Well, to be precise, the next possible big thing in the future of software development is here… again. Works anywhere, just add RAM I have this mental block about the name Electron. I’m not entirely sure why it is but whenever I try to remember the name of this ubiquitous web framework my little gray cells…
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How to Use Azure Cognitive Services

It’s been around 6 years since I last wrote about the Azure Translator Services. Since 2015, the API has been updated from XML to JSON and re-organised under the Cognitive Services branding. Additionally, functionality has been broken down into different resources to…

Day 2 – Learn to Code Summer Camp 2021

We are starting our day with Danny Wind’s Introduction to REST WebServices in Delphi. This series runs over 4 days starting today at 10 AM Central Time, and has its own registration. This one is more advanced for developers already familiar with Delphi programming. You can catch the replays from yesterday on the Summer Camp Playlist from the Main Stream. Main Stream Today on…
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Day 1 - Learn to Code Summer Camp 2021

Check out Day 2 & Day 3 The response so far has been amazing. We have almost 7,000 students from 175 different countries registered so far, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we pass 10K before it is over. Here is a little chart breaking down the countries everyone…

Delphi Data in JetBrains Developers Survey

The 2021 Developer Ecosystem Survey conducted by JetBrains offers some interesting information about Delphi and its strengths. JetBrains conducts one of the largest yearly developers surveys, along with StackOverflow. Given its breadth (over 30K developers), the survey is significant for the industry overall, even if skewed towards the communities and programming languages they offer IDEs and…
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