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The New Quality Portal Is Live – Here Are The Details

The New Embarcadero Quality Portal

Hot on the heels of our announcement that RAD Studio 12.1 is now available we have some more good news; the new Quality Portal is now live and ready for you to use!

What Is The Embarcadero Quality Portal?

The Quality Portal, usually more simply referred to as QP, is a dedicated web site that allows our user community to enter “request tickets”. These tickets take a couple of forms: bug reports, suggestions, and change requests. It’s a reality that all software contains bugs, or unintended behavior, which need the software’s developers to test, verify, and fix (if possible) or mitigate if it’s not possible to fix.

Alongside this our users have a very personal relationship with the development tools we create and when people think something could work differently to make their experience better, or they simply have a great idea that would benefit others then we encourage them to use the QP to share those ideas with us too. A great idea is Great Idea and where we can we try to incorporate not just fixes but also those suggestions which are practical enough and attainable within our resources. We never forget that RAD Studio is a part of your daily working life and anything we can do to make that better is a win for you but also a win for us.

Where Can I Find The New Embarcadero Quality Portal (QP)?

The new Quality Portal site is at https://qp.embarcadero.com The first time you enter the URL, you’ll be redirected to the login/sign up page.

The New Embarcadero Quality Portal

How Do I Sign Up For The New Embarcadero Quality Portal?

If you enter a new email address, you’ll have a request to sign up with a password:

The New Embarcadero Quality Portal login dialog

When you click on the “next” button (it may ask “sign up with a password” – say yes to that). The system generates an email to the address you entered, with a signup link:

The New Embarcadero Quality Portal sign up confirmation

You should receive an email similar to this one:

The New Embarcadero Quality Portal Confirmation Email

Following the link you get to a page where you can enter your full name and a password.

The New Embarcadero Quality Portal login screen

Note: There is an alternative signup process. We can specifically invite you to join the portal, in which case you don’t need to do the initial steps – you just follow the link in the invitation email we send to you.

How Do I Use The New Embarcadero Quality Portal (QP)?

The New Embarcadero Quality Portal QP Home Page

Please ignore the “search for help resources” which is currently not active.

In the new Embarcadero Quality Portal (QP) homepage you have links to make a new feature request, report a bug, or report a documentation issue. In the top right corner, you also have a “Requests” link to browse existing requests you – or other Embarcadero customers – have made in the past. There is also a personal image link with sub options to edit your account information and logout.

The account information includes the display name, a link to change your password, your language and timezone preferences.

How Do I Create A Ticket On The New Embarcadero Quality Portal (QP)?

The process for creating tickets for any of the different types is similar. Below is the complete form (at low resolution) for reporting bugs:

The New Embarcadero Quality Portal how to report a bug

The Summary Section

The New Embarcadero Quality Portal how to report a bug

A title explaining the issue in short. Try to be specific, indicating the feature, function, class, UI element affected by the bug. A good summary helps us tracking the issue.

The Components Section

The New Embarcadero Quality Portal how to report a bug

Indicates which area of the product is affected. You can select more than one, in case of doubts or in case of an issue across product areas. This is a list of available options, which is slightly different from the one we have been using on the other old portal:

  • 3rd Party
  • CompilerC++
  • CompilerDelphi
  • Data
  • Debugger
  • Demos
  • FireMonkey
  • Help and Doc
  • IDE
  • Install
  • Linker
  • RTLC++
  • RTLDelphi
  • Translation
  • VCL

Affects Versions

Here you should indicate the version of the product affected by the problem. The list includes all the releases since 10.1 Berlin. Also in this case, you can select more than one version.

Build No

Here you should enter the build number of the version you are using (this is not required, but it can help make sure of the affected version, and it’s also relevant in case of versions with multiple public builds).


Indicates if you are using a Professional, Enterprise or Community edition of the product. You can select All in case you think the issue doesn’t depend on a specific edition

Language Version

This allows you specify if you are using the English version of the product or a localized one, for example, German.


This is another multiple selection field, in which you can let us know on which operating system you are seeing the issue. It’s important for mobile apps or apps that are specific to one platform, although we recommend also explaining that in the description.


This is the main field for a long and detailed description of the issue. The field allows basic formatting, the inclusion of links and code snippets. For images, you can use the Attachments area below. If you paste an image while editing, the form will automatically add it as an attachment. Note that in the previous version of QP you could include images in the description. Atlassian do not allow images in the description in this version of their portal software. Screenshots are pretty important so please do add them as attachments after you have entered the initial bug report’s description.


Allows you to include multiple attachments with images, code projects and files which illustrate an issue or suggestion, short videos, and similar content.

Share With

In case your account has been configured (by the site admins) to allow sharing, this is enabled by default. It means that other users with the same configuration can read and comment on your reports. This was the only option in the old Quality Portal. In case your code or screenshot includes information you don’t want to share with other Embarcadero customers, you can select “No one” in this field. Of course, you are still sharing the information with Embarcadero and its Quality Assurance team.

The other two forms, for Feature Requests and Documentation Bugs, have a subset of the same fields.

How Do I Browse Existing Tickets On The New Embarcadero Quality Portal (QP)?

The New Embarcadero Quality Portal browsing issues

Once you have reported a ticket, you can go back and browse all of your reports, including issues in reported state, issues that have been validated internally and now in the open state, and issues that have been addressed and resolved.

Depending on the account configuration, you can also browse reports by other Embarcadero customers. You can also add other customers to your reports or be added by others on their reports.

The New Embarcadero Quality Portal browsing issues

The toolbar at the top of the page allows filtering by status, by creator and by request type. Notice that some of the filters are already set initially, so that as you open this page you don’t generally see all of the available tickets.

If in the Status field you clear all selections, this is equivalent to disable filtering and seeing all reports. Same for the request type, where no selection means all request types. For the creator filter, instead, there is a specific “All” option.

How Do I Comment On Existing Tickets In The New Embarcadero Quality Portal (QP)?

Once you have selected a ticket you have reported or that someone else has reported, you can add comments. Comments also include attachments (in the comment itself).
Notice that even if you reported the ticket, you cannot edit the original title or description, and you cannot change its status. In case you see an incorrect title, leave a comment and someone at Embarcadero can follow up and change it.

The New Embarcadero Quality Portal (QP) – FAQ

  • If the old QP is now read-only, will I still be able to comment on the reports in there?
    • Yes. You will not be able to create new issues though. New issues and requests need to be raised in the New Embarcadero Quality Portal (QP).
  • Will I be able to see the old QP issues on the new Quality Portal?
    • No. The systems are synchronized internally and we refer to both but there is no current way of surfacing a link between the old and new systems.
  • I liked the old QP, why did you change?
    • Atlassian, our service provider for the issue tracking software, deprecated and retired some of their systems. This new portal is based on the latest offering they have for this kind of customer ticketing system.
  • Is the new QP running on the old servers? How reliable is it going to be?
    • This new Quality Portal (QP) uses cloud-based hosting from Atlassian. It should be robust and early usage seems to indicate it’s pretty fast too.

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