26 Years... of Delphi

Today is Delphi 26th anniversary. A very long time… Many things have changed, some more than others. Here’s my 26 picks! On February 14th 1995, Borland introduced a new tool for developers, one that sparked a lot of enthusiasm and over 26 years has been used to build applications used by billions of people (think about the good old Skype) and it still being used today for building…
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Develop Best-in-Class Applications Using Components

A conversation with Embarcadero’s Atanas Popov and DevExpress’ Ray Navasarkian The Delphi/RAD Studio ecosystem relies on many component partners to support the diverse needs of developers. The component market has been around for over 20 years and continues to thrive. Many partners stand out with their excellent portfolios of products that help developers deploy professional apps…
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InterBase Performance Monitor

As application developers, when there is a problem in our code we use tools to discover where those problem lies. Just like in code, when there is a problem with the database, we need to use specific tools that monitor and tune our databases.   When you are looking at…

Video Tutorial: Build Python Native Windows GUIs With Delphi VCL Library

Sometimes your application needs a user interface, but what is the best way to make one for Python applications? Enter DelphiVCL for Python. The VCL is a mature Windows native GUI framework with a huge library of included visual components and a robust collection of 3rd party components. It is the premier framework for native Windows applications, but how to use it with Python? Thanks to the…
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Delphi 26th Birthday Showcase Challenge

Update: New extended the deadline and simplified requirements. Submit until Feb 22nd. We extended the voting window until Friday, the 5th of March because it took so long to get them all posted, especially with the 10.4.2 release in there. Another great Delphi birthday…
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Lightning-Fast App Store Deployment in Delphi Trounces WPF and Electron

The ability of a framework to support developer productivity is a measure of its ability to speed up the time it takes to bring an application to market, and its influence on long-term labor costs. Developer productivity, therefore, directly affects the sustainability and profitability of a business. One core Productivity metric is Development Time, or in other words the total number of hours…
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