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Memory Safety with Delphi Webinar

Memory Safety with Delphi Webinar

What is memory safety and what does it mean for Delphi development?


Back in February, the US White House Office of the National Cyber Director (ONCD) released a report urging developers to build memory safe software. Later the US National Institute of Standards (NIST) updated their list of memory safe programming languages to include Delphi. A few people chimed in with their opinions on Delphi and memory safety. Generally everyone agrees memory safety is important, but there was very little discussion on how to write memory safe programs with Delphi.

When is the memory safety webinar?

Now is your chance to get answers. Join Jim McKeeth for this webinar at 15:00 UTC on 5 June, 2024 to better understand memory safety and how to make your Delphi code safer and more reliable. This is part of GDK Software’s new webinar series. You can register for GDK’s whole series today.





What topics will be covered in the memory safety webinar?

  • What is Memory Safety
  • Why does it matter
  • Recommended languages
  • How fits in the list
  • Best practices for Delphi memory safety
  • Tools and tips
  • Code samples

If you write code that uses memory, then be sure to attend this webinar!

What are the future webinar topics planned in this series?

Roughly every other Wednesday, the webinars tackle important topics for Delphi software development.

  • Essential Delphi Add-Ins (19th of June)
  • Debugging in Delphi (26th of June)
  • Ask Jim Anything (10th of July)
  • Build Automation and Supply Chain Security (24th of July)
  • Essential Delphi Libraries (7th of August)
Jim McKeeth

Jim McKeeth is a distinguished Delphi MVP and Director of Consulting at GDK Software USA. He has dedicated his career to software development with a special passion for Delphi. Some of his achievements are marked by several software-related patents, including innovations such as the swipe-to-unlock mechanism (US8352745B2) and advancements in search engine technology (US8832085B2). His previous work also included being a Developer Advocate for Embarcadero Technologies and as a trailblazer on Stack Overflow for which he earned the first Silver and Gold Delphi badges. Outside of the workplace, he is a devoted father and friend with a love for the art and science of software development.

This guest blog post is by one or Embarcadero’s marvelous Tech Partners. If you would like to join our Tech Partner, MVP, or Educational Partner program please contact our Developer Advocate Ian Barker at [email protected] for more details.

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Director of Delphi Consulting for GDK Software USA. Many software related patents, including swipe and pattern unlock and search engines. First Silver and Gold Delphi badges on Stack Overflow Former Developer Advocate for Embarcadero Technologies. Long time fan of programming, especially with Delphi. Author, Podcaster/YouTuber, Improvisor, Public Speaker, Father, and Friend.

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