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Make Stuff! We Build Our Own Grocery Store Checkout! Webinar Replay

Make Stuff We Build Our Own Grocery Store Checkout Webinar Replay

In our final webinar session for a couple of weeks we took a look at how great RAD Studio with Delphi is at connecting to IoT devices. In this session where I used two cameras, five monitors, two desks, two PCs, and a Mac all working at the same time we built the basics of a working grocery store checkout! I had intended to do even more than this – and have a sword-fighting robot which viewers could connect to via a webpage and get it to fight with me but unfortunately the robot is buried somewhere in the chaos of the dozens of boxes that currently adorn my home. It seemed more important to avoid the Texas tornadoes and floods we have had here.

Weekly webinars return at the end of June

I am pausing for a couple of weeks while I get on with some big internal projects (including a full mobile development training course on the Embarcadero Academy) and, excitingly, The Delphi Summit which is coming up on June 13th and 14th in Amsterdam. I will be there both days, all day, and presenting two keynotes. If you can make it, and I really recommend you do, please come and say hello. LOTS of well-known Delphi figures will be there including Embarcadero’s own Marco Cantu, among others, plus top-notch speakers like Carey Jensen, Bob Swart, and many others; just go to the website to see the whole gorgeous list.

I intend to return after the summit with regular Tuesday webinars – and a series of Friday webinars which are going to go into quite a lot of technical depth including some exciting things like Amazon services using a set of components which are developed by the masterful Richard Hatherall of Appercept.

Will Ian be building a RAD Studio Delphi-powered sword-fighting robot?

To those of you who wanted to see my potential on-air accidental dismemberment as the ultimate penalty for bugs in robot-controlling code – don’t worry, I will find it, and when I do there will be a session dedicated to the code to make it waggle menacingly in true Kill Bill Ian style.

Where can I find the Make Stuff webinar replay?

After the demonstration, which is a real doozy if I say so myself, there is a long Q & A with some of the live participants, including an excellent question by one new software developer who asked about inspiration. I discussed my own ‘lightbulb moment’, quite literally, the very instant I just knew that being a software developer was what I wanted to do for my career; nearly forty-six years later I still love every second of it – and get up early every day and write code.

Here’s the replay.

Where can I find the slides for the Make Stuff webinar?

Here are the slides. The session itself had lots of hands-on practical demonstrations so I recommend you catch the video if you can.

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Ian is the Embarcadero Developer Advocate, a professional writer, presenter, and host. He is a prolific software developer, voice actor, designer and poet. Ian is British American, born in London, now living in Dallas, Texas. "I get up early every day and write code".

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