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Easily Add Product Licensing For Delphi Apps Using TurboPack OnGuard

TurboPack OnGuard is a copy-protection system for VCL and FMX applications built using Delphi and C++ Builder. In this article, I illustrate using TurboPack OnGuard and an integration with back-end Digital-River’s MyCommerce. Digital River MyCommece platform is a sales ordering platform for customers to order software. Getting Started In the below video you can see it takes less than a…
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Turbo Charge Your Delphi Windows App Development With The TurboPack Essentials VCL Controls

TurboPack Essentials offers 13 different easy-to-use VCL controls to use in your Delphi and C++ Builder Windows Applications. It’s fast and easy to install using the GetIt Package Manager! You can find out more about TurboPack Essentials on the web. Step 1. Open the GetIt Package Manager: Step 2. Enter “Essentials” in the search box: Step 3. Press the install button, GetIT…
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9 Insightful Books For Mastering Delphi On Sale For $5 Each

Packt is a publisher of programming books and video courses and there are quite a few Delphi books published through their platform. They are running a sale right now where you can get each e-book (and video course) for $5 each. There are at least 9 books (most of them pretty recent) related to Delphi for sale through their platform including just published books like “Delphi GUI Programming…
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Get Your Own Visually Stunning Icon Pack With More Than 64,000 Free Icons

When you start developing applications, you start to think about making a great user experience with a great and stunning user interface. With this Icons8 icon pack, you can get visually stunning icons for free. With more than 64,800 free icons your applications communicate with the user very easily since these icons give meaning to the function that you have built in the…
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