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C++ in the News

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In this blog post you’ll find links to recent C++ articles related to the language, programming, ISO standard and software development. The articles included are for the period of November 6, 2022 to December 7, 2022.

C++ Language

Bjarne Stroustrup was live online on Nov 15, 2022: ‘What is good C++ code?’ Read the Article and Watch the YouTube Video

C++ overtakes Java in December 2022 Tiobe language popularity index. Read the InfoWorld article by Paul Krill

Reminder: If you intend to use a C++/WinRT namespace, you must include that namespace’s header file Read the Article

Port of OpenAI’s Whisper model in C/C++ Find the Project on GitHub

The Top 5 Great C++ Tips On Eligible Copy Constructors And Pure Virtual Destructors Read Yılmaz Yörü’s Embarcadero Blog Article

Instead of a C++ template parlor trick, why not just add support based on whether the header file has already been included? Read the Article

Modern C++ In-Depth – Lambdas, Part 1 Read the Article

5 Easy Steps To A Simple Game Programming in C++ Read the Article

C++ template parlor tricks: Using a type before it is defined Read the Article

What kind of caller diagnostic information can I get from exceptions thrown by C++/WinRT and wil?, C++20 edition Read the Article

Mike Shah’s Modern C++ YouTube Series — Mike Shah Read the Article

First videos of Meeting C++ 2022 released Read the Article

How a C++ Program Works With Libraries Read the Article

How To Program A Robot in C and C++? Read the Article

How Do C and C++ Work Internally And More? Read the Article

C++ constexpr parlor tricks: How can I obtain the length of a string at compile time? Read the Article

Using final in C++ to improve performance — Niall Cooling Read the Article

AMA with Sean Parent at Meeting C++ online Read the Article

Three new utility functions in C++23 Read the Article

Overview of C++ Variable Initialiation — Christian Aichinger Read the Article

Lifetime extension of temporary objects in C++: common recommendations and pitfalls Read the Article

Software Development

How to detect Stack Unwinding in a Destructor in C++? Read the Article

Code Analysis Tools for C++ Read the Article

Ccache – a fast C/C++ compiler cache Read the Article

Visual Studio 2022 Performance: Faster C++ Source Code Indexing Read the Article

A Summary Of The Complete Guide To Programming In C++ Read the Article

What’s New for C++ Developers in Visual Studio 2022 17.4 — Sy Brand Read the Article

FOSSA is announcing the GA of a security and license scanning capability for C and C++ projects Read the Article

Artificial Intelligence – A Complete Guide To Programming In C++ Read the Article

ISO C++ Standard and Foundation

Trip report: Autumn ISO C++ standards meeting (Kona) Read the Article

Standard C++ Foundation Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2022 Read the Article

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