5 Tools Every Windows Developer Should Be Using Right Now

If you are serious about developing an app with the use of Windows App Development Tools, you should really know these five superb tools which can help you get the absolute best out of your great ideaswhen doing development, read on to learn more about how Delphi can empower your skills and coding experience! How can Delphi 11 Alexandria make Windows app development faster and…
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6 Books About Delphi You Should Read

Reading is an essential skill for Windows application development. Development is a nebulous and constantly expanding subject and I’ve noticed that the most successful coders, project managers and designers are often readers with a voracious appetite for consuming…

Delphi Timewarp - 1995 And Delphi’s Mythical Origins

1995 is a very important year in the history of Delphi. On February 14 of that year the first version of Delphi was released for 16-bit Windows 3.1 as a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool.  Delphi came as a departure from its predecessor, Borland’s Turbo Pascal for Windows. Turbo Pascal combined an editor, debugger, compiler, linker, and libraries, and evolved into Object Pascal after…
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13 Things About Native Windows Development You May Not Know

Software development is an exciting journey. Choosing the best development tools can considerably save us from many troubles down the road. Although every developer has some considerations regarding native windows development, there might be some exciting points you may not have known. So let us explore them together. 1. Are all native development tools equal? Not all native…
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You Need To Know The Compelling Reasons For Native Apps

Native app development has substantial benefits over framework-based “one size fits all” comprises whether it’s for native windows development or mobile devices. It is simpler, less convoluted and circuitous to create, easier to run, and the user interface is typically smoother with noticeable responsiveness. Often, developers feel there is a barrier holding them back from…
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