Made In Delphi: An Astonishing Solar System Catalog

There is something quite wonderful about gazing up at the night sky. I recommend doing it often, although not while driving or operating heavy machinery (or light machinery, or sword juggling). When I was very young we were lucky enough to visit the London Planetarium. The incredible lightshow put on there was superbly explained by an expert astronomer and it lit in me an interest to this day…
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C++IDE :: The Future of the C++ STD Library, OpenMP, Repeated Software Patterns, Costs Of Void(), Encapsulation

Hello, fellow Dev-C++ and C++ Builder developers and educators. It’s been another packed week of learning at and we’ve covered a lot of great subjects! Topics this time include: How can we use OpenMP Parallel Programming Library? What is Encapsulation? How to use Repeated Software Patterns? What is the Cost of the Void function? How do we set up C++ Builder?
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C++CodeIDERAD Studio :: Object-Oriented Programming, Structs, Classes, Objects, And More

Hello C++ Developers, C++ Builder Developers, Dev-C++ Developers, and all other developers. One of the most powerful features of C++ is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), which makes it different from the C programming language by using Classes, Objects, and more. Object-Oriented Programming has many advantages over procedural programming and it is the most characteristic feature of the C++…
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15 Tips to Graduate from Classroom C++ to Modern C++ Part 1/3

You may know C or C++ from college and want to develop apps, games and AI applications, but are unsure if what you learned suffices to help you reach your goal. How can you shift from “classroom” C++ to Modern C++? Today, coding in any programming language is an indispensable skill, and the internet has many resources, ranging from how to code from scratch to how to build high-end…
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