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Example WebSockets Server And Client Chat Application

WebSockets are gaining more and more strength with the implementation in most browsers, including for mobile devices. This article introduces briefly, the concept of WebSockets, and creates a chat app using a websockets component for Delphi, by Delphi component provider Esegece. What are Websockets? The WebSockets protocol allows the creation of a client-server communication channel with…
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C++Builder Optimization Guide with TwineCompile

In this post we’re going to be covering tips and tricks on how you can optimize your C++Builder projects to compile as fast as possible. While we’ll definitely be spending some time looking at optimizations geared for use with TwineCompile, some of these tricks apply to C++Builder in general. C++Builder and TwineCompile include a lot of functionality that’s designed to optimize compile…
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Extract, Transform, Load - The Magic Behind HeidiSQL

HeidiSQL is a wildly successful open source database management tool. Apart from being extremely useful in the management of MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases it is also open source – and that source code is written in Delphi. We’ve taken a brief overview of it before but that time we only scratched the surface of this wonderfully artful example of Delphi programming at its…
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C++CodeIDERAD Studio :: Object-Oriented Programming, Structs, Classes, Objects And More

Hello C++ Developers, C++ Builder Developers, Dev-C++ Developers, and all other developers. One of the most powerful features of C++ is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), which makes it different from the C programming language by using Classes, Objects, and more. Object-Oriented Programming has many advantages over procedural programming and it is the most characteristic feature of the C++…
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