Quickly Create Robust Scalable Delphi Applications With Event Bus Framework

When creating a robust and large-scale application containing lots of components interacting with each other, the Delphi Event Bus framework can be a great solution to maintain loose coupling and building a consistent platform. If you know Bus Topology from Networking classes back in your Computer Science classes, you can easily understand what is Event Bus framework, because they are quite…
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Easily Create Ultra-Fast C++ Applications With Low-Level libsimdpp Library In C++Builder

Single Instruction Multiple Data is a class of parallel computers. It represents computers with various processing components that perform the same work on multiple points simultaneously. Moreover, most recent CPU designs combine SIMD instruction to enhance the production of multimedia usage. And you can utilize SIMD in your C++ Builder applications with thislibsimdppportable…
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Investigate And Compile Powerful Linux Sample Apps In Delphi For Ubuntu

To follow up our current engagement with Linux development, let’s take a look on this incredible pack of sample projects available for download, to show some amazing functions that you can use on your Linux projects. First, let’s check out how to install the pack of sample using GetIt tool on Delphi. Open Delphi, go to menu Tools > GetIt Package Manager, type FMXLinuxSample, press…
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