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ZXing.Delphi (Zebra Crossing) Demo Updated for RAD Studio 12 (Android and iOS)


ZXing.Delphi (Zebra Crossing)

In the same way I did for RAD Studio 11 here, I successfully compiled a small demo app using the ZXing library for Delphi – but now using RAD Studio 12. This demo app was built with the most recent version of ZXing (3.97) and has been tested on Android 13 and iOS 17. This version also brings optimizations for the app appearance and performance – due the fact it’s now using Skia – and also adds a new technique that helps focusing the barcode and also crops the image that will be submitted to the parser, which helps with the performance gains.

Useful links:

Short Demo Video

ps: To simplify tests/validations, this demo already brings the zXing lib as a subfolder of the main project. Of course, for a real world project, you should check if there is an updated version of the library available.

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