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GetIt Update: RAD Studio 11 GetIt Online Installation along with Delphi and C++Builder Community Edition Are Now Available

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Embarcadero has now restored RAD Studio 11.3, Delphi 11.3 and C++Builder 11.3 product installation through the online (GetIt-based) installer. This includes the ability to install Delphi Community Edition and C++Builder Community Edition. This is in addition to the RAD Studio 12 GetIt-based installation and add-on packages we restored recently.

The build we are making available today is a new release that we are calling “11.3 2024 build”. Technically, the build number is 28.0.48361.3236 (This is displayed in the product Help > About dialog). Delphi CE and C++Builder CE are now based on this “11.3 2024 build”. You can obtain them at:

At the same time, we have started to restore GetIt add-on packages for version 11. A significant number are already available and more will be loaded in the coming days.

Customers on the original release for version of 11.x can continue using it and can use GetIt packages. If they used the online GetIt-based installation, they cannot add new platforms or features to the product. To do so, customers will have to reinstall the product using the new 2024 build or the offline (ISO) installer for any of the 11.x releases.

The ISO download and the new online GetIt build of 11.3 are available for download at https://my.embarcadero.com.

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