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Matthias Eißing, Technical Consultant at Embarcadero DACH

Matthias Eißing Technical Consultant at Embarcadero DACH

It is with deep sadness that we bid farewell to our long-time colleague and friend Matthias Eißing, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on 14 February 2024 at the age of 53. We are were all extremely shocked by the news of his death. Matthias leaves behind his partner of many years, Maria, and all of us, in profound mourning.

Many knew Matthias as a very competent and technically adept colleague who now leaves a huge gap. His great love of cats, which he not only adored at home but also liked to incorporate into his presentations, remained a secret known only to a select few. Matthias was the leading presenter at all German live and online events and his knowledge, skills, and support were always greatly appreciated by customers and colleagues.

As a freelance systems consultant for Borland Paradox, Matthias first came into contact with Borland products in the early 1990s and since 1997 worked as a permanent employee with many software products from Borland, Inprise, CodeGear, and Embarcadero. Of all the technologies, it was Delphi that he worked with since the very first release and that he had grown most fond of. 

It is very poignant to us that Matthias passed away on February 14th, Valentine’s Day which is also the day we celebrate Delphi’s birthday, since his knowledge of Delphi had earned him the status of a legend in the Delphi community.

We wish Maria and all her relatives much strength in their grief.

From The Embarcadero Germany team with additional text from The Embarcadero US and International team.

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Matthias ForenTage 2023
Matthias auf den ForenTagen 2023 in Kassel
Matthias CeBit 2002
Matthias auf der CeBit 2002
Danny Magin left and Matthias Eissing
Danny Magin left and Matthias Eissing image from David Intersimone

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